Past Philosophy Conferences

  • 23rd Annual Philosophy Conference (2018)
    "Resistance: Psychoanalysis and Critical Theories"
    Keynotes: Dr. Amy Allen (Penn State)
    Dr. Jamieson Webster (Eugene Lang College of the New School, psychoanalyst in New York

  • 22nd Annual Philosophy Conference (2017)
    "Philosophies of Incarceration & The Incarceration of Philosophy"
    Keynote: Dr. Sarah Tyson, University of Colorado-Denver March 17-18th, 2017
  • 21st Annual Philosophy Conference (2016)
    “Legacies of Colonialism and Philosophies of Resistance”
    Keynotes: Dr. Enrique Dussel (UNAM) & Dr. Nelson Maldonado-Torres (Rutgers)April 14-15, 2016
  • 20th Annual Conference: (2015) "New Encounters in French and Italian Thought" March 13-14, 2015
    Keynote Speaker: Jason E. Smith
  • 19th Annual Conference: (2014)  "Feminism:  Body, Image, Power" March 21-22, 2014
    Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Lisa Guenther (Vanderbilt University)
  • 18th Annual Conference: (2013)"Apocalyptic Politics: Framing the Present" - April 12-13, 2013
    Keynote Speakers: Mladen Dolar (University of Ljubljana), Alenka Zupančič (Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts), Slavoj Žižek (Birkbeck, University of London), Catherine Malabou (Kingston University), John D. Caputo (Syracuse University and Villanova University)
  • 17th Annual Conference (2012): "Critical Theories" - March 30-31, 2012
  • 16th Annual Conference (2011): "The Return of Metaphysics" - April 8-9, 2011
  • 15th Annual Conference (2010): The Place of Psyche: Politics, Art, Nature (Keynote speaker: Jonathan Lear)
  • 14th Annual Conference (2009): New French Thought (Keynote Speaker: Bernard Stiegler)
  • 13th Annual Conference (2008): Time, History, Memory (Keynote speaker: David Wood)
  • 12th Annual Conference (2007): Philosophy and Sexuality (Keynote speaker: Alphonso Lingis)
  • 11th Annual Conference (2006): Materialism (Keynote speakers: Daniel Smith and Jay Bernstein)
  • 10th Annual Conference (2005): Philosophy and Art (Keynote speaker: Hal Foster)
  • 9th Annual Conference (2004): Empire, War, Violence (Keynote speaker: John Protevi)
  • 8th Annual Conference (2003): Psychoanalysis and Philosophy (Keynote speaker: Sara Beardsworth)
  • 7th Annual Conference (2002): Race and Philosophy (Keynote speaker: Lewis Gordon)
  • 6th Annual Conference (2001): Contemporary Feminist Theory (Keynote speaker: Tina Chanter)
  • 5th Annual Conference (2000): Aristotle (Keynote speaker: Aryeh Kosman)
  • 4th Annual Conference (1999): Revolutions in Socio-Political Thought (Keynote speaker: Bill Martin)