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Undergraduate Program

The Philosophy major is particularly appropriate for students who are serious about their intellectual life, interested in the liberal arts, and challenged by questions about the foundations of nature and human experience. The study of philosophy emphasizes critical thinking, argumentation, analysis, deliberation, interpretation, understanding and careful written expression of issues and ideas. Philosophy majors are often the leading intellectuals on campus as they actively pursue wisdom and seek the basis of all knowledge and learning in their world.

Many different interests and views are represented by faculty in the Philosophy Department. We have specialists in the History of Philosophy, Analytic Philosophy, American Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Feminist Theory, Critical Theory, Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics and Aesthetics.

Our faculty engage with many different arguments for the existence of God, the nature of human beings, the relationship between knowledge and truth, the essence of justice and the good as well as the value of beauty in nature and the arts. Above all, the faculty in our department are committed to excellence in the teaching of philosophy and eager to share their passion for philosophical inquiry.