Dissertations in Progress

Jasmine Wallace

Areas of interest include: Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, and Queer Theory

Christiaan Reynolds

Areas of interest include: Social and Political Philosophy

Humberto GonzalezNunez

Areas of intererst include: Contemporary Continental Philosophy (esp. Phenomenology, Hermeneutics, and Deconstruction), Ancient Greek Philosophy, Aesthetics/Philosophy of Art, Continental Philosophy of Religion, Latin American and Spanish Philosophy, Modern and Contemporary Political Philosophy

Miranda Pilipchuk

Areas of interest include: Intersectional feminisms, critical race theory, and legal theory

Karl Hahn

Areas of interest include: German Idealism, Schelling's philosophy of Christianity, and Russian Religious Philosophy

Emre Cetin Gurer

Areas of interest include: Social and Political Philosophy, Critical Theory, Aesthetics, Ethics, Political Temporality, Public Space, Architecture and Politics, Radical Democracy, Political Violence, Social Movements, Philosophy of the City
Dissertation title: "Prefigurative Heterotopias: Space-Time of Contemporary Square Movements"

Katherine Kurtz

Areas of interest include: Aesthetics, Philosophy of Art (especially literature, film, and performance), Feminist Theory, and Queer Theory
Dissertation title: "Deviant Bodies: Toward an Aesthetics of Monstrosity"

Luis Salazar

Areas of interest include: Ancient Greek Philosophy (esp. Aristotle), Philosophy of Emotion, Early Modern Philosophy, Latin American Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Social/Political Philosophy
Dissertation title: "A Physics of Affection: Aristotle’s Natural Science of the Páthē"

Amanda Holmes

Areas of interest include: Psychoanalysis and Phenomenology  (Kant, Heidegger, Freud, Lacan)
Dissertation title: "The Structure of Anxiety and the Status of the Object:
Kant, Heidegger, Lacan"

Katherine Filbert

Areas of interest include: 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy (esp. Nietzsche, Deleuze, and Foucault); Early Chinese Philosophy and Comparative Philosophy; Theories of Thought and Perspectivisms
Dissertation title: "Harming Stupidity: Perspectivism as an Ethics of Thought"

Chris Drain

Areas of interest include: Philosophy of Mind; Philosophical Psychology; Philosophical Anthropology; Philosophy of Technology 
Dissertation title: "Activity, Mediation, Signification: Towards a Neo-Vygotskian Anthropogeny"

Amrit Heer

Areas of interest include: Hegel, Kant & German Idealism, Metaphysics and Ontology, Philosophical Logic & Methodology, Universals, Truth
Dissertation title: "The Role of Disjunction and Singularity in Hegel's Logic of Conceptuality"

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