Teacher Training Program

Teacher and Professional Training Program

Assistantship Students in Philosophy

Our goal in the Teacher Training Program is to expose the students to a wide variety of teaching and learning approaches that will help them develop as teachers, and make them even more marketable when they go on the job market.

Our goal in the Professional Development Seminar Program is to prepare our students for the complex skills required of academic professionals in the field of philosophy including research, publishing, grant writing, academic culture, etc. [see attachment below for more information].

First year: 

Fall Semester: Students will spend the first semester in the Writing Center working with Mary Beth Simmons and with students needing help with their writing assignments and papers.

Spring Semester:  Students will participate in a series of rotations in the new Learning Commons, so that the graduate students will get experience working with different student populations and needs.  For example, students might spend three or four weeks working in Learning Support Services (with students with learning disabilities), three weeks in Academic Support for Athletes, three weeks working with reference librarians, and return to the writing center for another three or four weeks to help out during the peak demand periods.

Second year and Third year:

Students will alternate between the assistantship duties listed below during the course of their second and third years, fulfilling one of these assistantship responsibilities in each of the 4 semesters:

1.      Assisting an Instructor in ACS in conjunction with one of the first year learning communities, giving exposure to teaching in an interdisciplinary writing intensive program.

2.      Assisting in an Ethics course offered through the Ethics Program and developing the beginning of a teaching competency in Ethics.

3.     Assisting in Knowledge Reality Self course in the Philosophy department

4.     Assisting in and Advanced Course in the Philosophy department

Fourth year:

Students will form a dissertation committee, prepare a preliminary exam proposal and pass all language competency requirements.  Typically, students are expected to pass the preliminary exam during their fourth year and then make a public defense of their proposal so that they have completed all requirements for ABD status in the program. In addition, all fourth year students will be required to be present and participate in a 4-5 all-day intensive teacher training seminar that will emphasize syllabi preparation, book orders, teaching the core philosophy course in our program, but also the use of cutting edge techniques and technologies designed for effective pedagogy.  During this week, students will also be expected to meet with the graduate director regarding their progress in preparing for ABD status by the end of their fourth year. This 4-5 day seminar will be mandatory for all students and require that all students be physically present.

Fifth and Sixth year

Students typically teach two courses per semester as adjuncts.  Because of the teacher training program, they will be qualified to teach our core course Knowledge Reality Self and upper level courses when needed, but also interdisciplinary courses in ACS and Ethics.







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