Concept: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Graduate Studies

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Concept is the interdisciplinary journal of the Graduate Division of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Villanova University, accepts submissions from Villanova graduate students in all fields of the arts and sciences. Submissions are reviewed by graduate student editors, faculty editors and peer reviewers, with final decisions made by the editors.

The journal is published once a year at the end of spring semester. The deadline for submissions will vary, but it is usually around the beginning of February. Look for the official “Call for Papers and Volunteers” towards the end of the Fall semester on this website and the journal website.

Editors and Peer Reviewers

Concept is a graduate student-run publication. Given the breadth of the Graduate Studies Programs, to ensure fair review of submissions it is vitally important to have editors and reviewers representing as many disciplines as possible.

*Those interested in serving as an editor or as a peer-reviewer should contact the faculty editor-in-chief directly. Volunteers to serve as editors should include a list of their known regular time commitments for Spring semester.

Beginning with the 2011 edition, submissions can be uploaded to the journal’s website.

Please direct questions, submission problems, and requests to serve as editors or peer reviewers to:
John Kurtz, Ph.D.
Faculty Editor-In-Chief, CONCEPT
Psychology Department
Phone: 610.519.4217