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Information for Incoming & Current Students

Graduate students who are currently enrolled in Villanova's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will find information here on the many non-academic services and facilities available to graduate students as members of the university community, and on the Graduate Student Council, the main social organization for graduate students at Villanova.

Bio Lab

General Information

Find information here about Student Services, our extensive Teacher Training Program, our Professionalization Series, as well as a link to the Academic Calendar.


Assistantships and Funding Opportunities

Students are guaranteed six years of funding, including graduate assistantships with tuition remission and a stipend for the first four years, and assured teaching for two more years. Competitive summer research fellowships are also available, as well as the opportunity to receive funding for the Critical Theory Workshop in Paris, France.


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Policies and Requirements

Everything you need to know about how our graduate program is structured and the steps that you will go through in building your degree.

Microscope Research

Extra-Curricular and Miscellaneous

Find information here about travel funding, the graduate student union, online text ordering and extra-curricular life in general, including a link to information concerning graduation.

Philosophy Doctoral Program


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Director:  Julie Klein
Coordinator:  Terry DiMartino