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Academic Programs

Villanova Philosophy: Why Philosophy?


The philosophy department offers a wide array of courses that appeal to many different needs and interests in the Villanova academic community.  All of our courses, at every level, have a commitment to a serious  dialogue about ideas and concepts that shape the way we understand ourselves, the community, and the world around us.   Our courses fall in several main categories:

  • Philosophy 1000: Knowledge, Reality, and Self.  This is an entry level philosophy courses that explores philosophical responses to the questions of how we can know, what is real, and what is the nature of human existence. It also explores the dialogue between Catholic, Christian, secular and skeptical perspectives on these questions. It is required of all students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Villanvova School of Business, and the College of Nursing.  Many Engineering students take it as an elective as well. 
  • Undergraduate courses that support a variety of majors and concentrations, including a variety of exciting and intellectually challenging upper-division elective courses. 
  • The philosophy minor program serves students who want to take several courses in the discipline but who do not have room for a full major in philosophy. 
  • The philosophy major and double major program allows students to concentrate on an area within the discipline or to write a thesis developing a specific topic in philosophy in more detail if they wish.
  • The philosophy department also offers a Ph.D. Program open only to full time graduate students.