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Editorial Board

  • Carol Anthony,Villanova University
  • Joe Betz, Villanova University
  • Jerusha Conner,Villanova University
  • Francis A. Galgano,Villanova University
  • Ken Himes, Boston College
  • Greg Hoskins,Villanova University
  • Hugh Lacey, Swarthmore College
  • Mary Briody Mahowald,University of Chicago
  • Lynne Maxwell,West Virginia University College of Law
  • Eugene McCarraher,Villanova University
  • Edmund Santurri,St. Olaf College
  • Nancy Sharts-Hopko,Villanova University
  • Paul Sheldon,Villanova University
  • Mary Beth Simmons,Villanova University
  • Jason A. Springs, University of Notre Dame
  • Rosemarie Tong, Davidson College
  • Cristina L.H. Traina, Northwestern University
  • William Werpehowski,Georgetown University
  • Todd David Whitmore, University of Notre Dame
  • Mark A. Wilson,Villanova University

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