Article Listings

Volume 26, Issue 1, 2016

  • Titone Connie, Zymet Jennifer, Alves de Sa Vivianne: Mindfulness as a Pathway to Classroom Focus and Self-Love
  • Hatcher, Rachel: Reconciliation and the Two Deaths of Monsignor Romero: Divergent Memories of the Salvadoran Right and Human Rights Communities
  • Levy, Tal: Supranational Implementation: Peace Enforcement of Power-Sharing Agreements in Africa

Book Reviews:

  • Amanda E. Smith
  • Sruti Bala
  • James W. Boettcher
  • Alexander Deedy
  • Valerie Lesnaik, PhD
  • CL Nash, PhD
  • Mark A. Wilson  

Volume 25, Issue 2, 2015

  • Simmons, Cynthia: Faith Communities: Fostering Civil Society in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia
  • Fourlas, George: A Politics of Reconciliation: Trust, Legitimacy, and the Need for Truth Commissions
  • Dr. Ikpe, Ibanga: Between the Just and the Expedient: The Problem of Conflict Resolution in Africa
  • DeGenaro, William: War, Peace, and Neoliberalism: The Jihadi Rhetoric Machine
  • Segev, Alon: Hannah Aredt's Jewish Writings
  • Kelly, Thomas: Remembering the UCA Martyrs: Educations and Evangelical Conscientization in Collaboration with Rutilio Grande, SJ.
  • Shawki, Noha: 'The Work that Makes all Other Work Possible': Domestic Work and Contemporary Domestic Worker Organizing for Justice and Dignity in the United States

Book Reviews:

  • Liz Heckman
  • Rev. Dr. Arthur Purcaro O.S.A
  • Andrew Fitz-Gibbon
  • Brighid Dwyer
  • M.F. Simone Roberts
  • M. Aaron Thomasson Jr.
  • Viki Soady
  • Annamarie Benson
  • Catherine E. Bolten

Volume 25, Issue 1, 2015

  • Sonu, Debie: In Pursuit of Peace: A Qualitative Study on Subjectification and Peaceful Co-Existence in Four Elementary School Classrooms
  • Baker, Stephen: Augustinian Caritas as an Expression of Concern for Social Justice and equity in Teacher Education
  • Finley, Laura: Service-Learning for Peace and Justice: The College Brides Walk Campus-Community Collaboration
  • Hyde, Adrea M., Frias, Elizabeth L.: Mindfulness Education and an Education in Mindfulness: Still Seeking a Less Coercive "Wheel In The Head"

Book Reviews:

  • Amanda E. Smith
  • Teresa G. Wojcik
  • Krista M. Malott
  • Christa Bialka
  • Jerusha Conner
  • Kishor Thanawala

Volume 24, Issue 2, 2015

  • Titone Connie, Fierros Edward, Malott Krista, Simpson Matthew, LaLuna Gregory: Waking rom Dysconsciousness: Assessing Racism in Three University Classrooms
  • Conner Jerusha, Cosner Katherine; School Closure as Structural Violence and Stakeholder Resistance as Socail Justice
  • Clark J. Meghan: Learning to be in Solidarity with: Vulnerability and Experience Required
  • Standish Katherina, Kertyzia Heather: Looking for Peace in the English National Curricula         

Book Reviews:

  • Robert A. Duggan, Jr.
  • A. Marco Turk
  • Francis A. Galgano
  • Charlotte Jacobs
  • Katie Clonan-Roy
  • Kelly Rae Kraemer

Volume 24, Issue 1, 2015

  • Perry, Robert: Peace without Reconciliation: Political Attitudes to Reconciliation in Northern Ireland
  • Goldstein, Elizabeth: To See or Not to See: A Call for Consciousness and Cognizance in Jewish, Progressive, and Public Readings of Esther
  • Schoeppner, Lydia: The Role of International Institutions and Organizations in Sovereignty Conflicts in the Arctic
  • Parra, Eduardo Soto: Energy from the South towards Peace: The Role of UNASUR in Preventing Internal Political Conflict

Book Reviews:

  • Tim Horner
  • Masako Nakagawa
  • Scott Grapin
  • John A. Berteaux
  • Daniel Cosacchi
  • Kiku Huckle
  • Cabrini Pak
  • Paul Sheldon
  • Cassie A. Striblen

Volume 23, Issue 2, 2014

  • Blom, Andrew: Democracy, Peace, and the War System: The Democratic Peace Project
  • Nowachek, Matthew T.: Challenging the Violence of Retributivism: Kierkegaard, Works of Love, and the Dialectic of Edification
  • Poe, Danielle: Asking to be Welcomed: Luce Irigaray and the Practice of Receiving Hospitality
  • Bergman, Roger: Toward a Sociology of Conscience: The Example of Franz Jagerstatter and the Legacy of Gordon Zahn
  • Bresnahan, Aili: Censorship as Catalyst for Artistic Innovation
  • White, Brion: Petra Kelly and Dorothy Day: Peace Activists Working Inside and Outside the Traditional Government Structure for Social Change
  • Olaifa, Temitope: Out-of-Court Third Party Intervention in the Media: A Case Study
  • Babatunde, Abosede O.: Youth Militias and the Militarization of the Niger Delta: Interrogating Institutional Mechanisms

Book Reviews:

  • Rebecca A. Chabot
  • Daniel Cosacchi
  • Peter O'Connell
  • Justin Pierce
  • Luke Pigott
  • Michael J. Santos

Volume 23, Issue 1, 2013

  • Bonnette, Kathleen: The Bonds of Common Humanity and the Ethics of Killing in War
  • Koko, Jacques: A Theology of Mediation for Peacemaking in Africa
  • Portmess, Lisa and Romaya, Bassam: Confronting Cyber Warfare: Rethinking the Ethics of Cyber War
  • Yunker, James: Inevitability versus Desirability: Recent Discussion of World Government in the International Relations Literature

Book Reviews:

  • Peter Phan
  • Mark Doorley
  • Ed Vacek
  • Kristyn Sessions
  • Kishor Thanawala
  • Joe Betz
  • Peder Jothen
  • Joe Wiinikka-Lydon
  • Eli S. McCarthy
  • Matthew A. Shadle
  • Luke Pigott
  • Tim Horner

Volume 22, Issue 2, 2012

  • Hrynkow, Christopher: Earth Matters:Thomas Berry, the Pacifism of Religious  Cosmology and the Need for Ecojustice
  • McCarthy, Eli S.: Will you really protect us without a gun? Unarmed Civilian Peacekeeping in the U.S.
  • Tatlock, Jason: The United Nations and the Bible
  • Byrne, Sean; Ahmed, Kawser; Karari, Peter; Skarlato, Olga; and Hyde, Julie: Civil Society/NGO Leaders Perceptions of the Effectiveness of the IFI and the EU Peace III Fund in Promoting Equality, Equity, Social Justice and the Fulfillment of  Basic Human Needs in (L’) Derry and the Border Area

Book Reviews:

  • Cabrini Pak
  • Suzanne Wentzel
  • Timothy Horner
  • Fr. Joseph Feeney, SJ
  • María Teresa Dávila
  • Kishor Thanawala
  • R. J. Hernández-Díaz
  • Joseph Robertson

Volume 22, Issue 1, 2012

  • Thompson, J.Milburn: Linking Peace and the Environment
  • Kasymov, Shavkat:Disputes over Water Resources: A History of Conflict and Cooperation in Drainage Basins
  • Henry, Patrick: Christianity Without Borders: Erasmus' Campaign for Peace
  • Kaylor, Brian: Words Must Mean Something: Barack Obama's Rhetoric and the Nobel Peace Prize
  • Chambers, Paul: Towards a Philosophy of Radical Disagreement: A MacIntyrean Approach
  • Peter-Raoul, Mar: Peter Maurin-Pedagogy from the Margins

Book Reviews:

  • Julie Burns Christensen
  • Emmanuel David
  • Peter DeAngelis
  • Mark Doorley
  • Andrew Fitz-Gibbon
  • Kenneth R. Himes
  • Gregory Hoskins
  • Bidisha Kumar
  • Eli Sasaran McCarthy
  • Ann Orlando
  • Siobhan Riley
  • M. F. Simone Roberts
  • Edward Demenchonok

Volume 21, Issue 2, 2011

  • Hagen, Kurtis: Conspiracy Theories and Stylized Facts
  • Harushimana, Immaculee: Mutilated Dreams: African-Born Refugees in US Secondary Schools
  • Himes, Kenneth R. O.F.M: Why Is Torture Wrong?
  • Pasick, David: Education for Some: The Inadequacy of Educational Programs Offered to Youth Offenders in Adult and Juvenile Correctional Facilities
  • Reeder, John P. Jr.: Terrorism, Secularism, and the Deaths of Innocents

Book Reviews:

  • Stephanie Vieille
  • Laurie Calhoun
  • Tim Horner
  • John-Patrick Schultz
  • Samuel Oluoch Imbo
  • Stephen D. Fahrig, OMV
  • Laurie Gagne
  • Cabrini Pak

Volume 21, Issue 1, 2011

  • O'Connell, Maureen: Jus Ante Bellum: Faith-Based Diplomacy and Catholic Traditions on War and Peace
  • Pierce, Andrew J.: Formal Democracy, Structural Violence, and the Possibility of ‘Perpetual Peace'
  • Arnett, Katy; Johnson, Angela; Muilenberg, Lin; Stover, Lois Thomas: Combating Symbolic Violence in Public Schools:  Federal Education Policy Must Aim at a Different Target
  • Gagne, Laurie Brands: The Narrative Approach to Teaching Peace and Justice

Book Reviews:

  • Mark Shiffman
  • Laurie Calhoun
  • Clare Heyward
  • A. Marco Turk
  • Edwin Martini
  • Elsayed M. Omran
  • Rena Black
  • Heather Coletti
  • Paul C. Rosier
  • Erik van Versendaal
  • Anne Patricia Minicozzi

Volume 20, Issue 2, 2010

  • Ramadhan, Shamsa W.: The Concepts and Practice of Peace, Peacebuilding and Religious Peacebuilding: Lessons from Kenya
  • Puopolo, Rocco: Propositions of the Second African Bishops Synod: A Selection and Introduction
  • Healey, Joseph: How Small Christian Communities Promote Reconciliation, Justice and Peace in Eastern Africa
  • Whitmore, Todd David: "My Tribe is Humanity": An Interview with Archbishop John Baptist Odama
  • Toton, Suzanne: The Peacebuilding Potential of Catholic Relief Services Savings and Internal Lending Communities in Rwanda
  • Kotze, Joleen Steyn: In Search of Justice: African and Western Approached to Transitional Justice
  • Young, Laura A. and Prestholdt, Jennifer: Refugee Participation in Peacebuilding: The case of Liberian refugee participation in the Liberia Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Book Reviews:

  • Jon Armajani
  • Christina M. Morus
  • Christian S. Krokus
  • Samir A. Awad
  • Michael G. Cartwright
  • Greg Getek Soltis
  • Rita M. Gross
  • Mary M. Doyle Roche
  • Kiku Huckle
  • Holger Loewendorf

Volume 20, Issue 1, 2010

  • Henry, Patrick: Religion For Peace: The Vietnam Years And Today
  • Chamberlain, Gary: Sustainability and Water: A New Water Ethos
  • FOCUS: Education as a Human Right, Part I
  • Jacobs, Richard, O.S.A.: Ensuring that Education Remains a Human Right in the United States: Upholding the Prior Parental Right in the Education of Their Children
  • Wojcik, Teresa: Incorporating Catholic Social Teaching in the College Classroom:
  • Connecting Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Justice in the World

Book Reviews:

  • John F. Kavanaugh S.J.
  • Irene Langran
  • Gail Presbey
  • Ora Szekely
  • Masako Nakagawa
  • Nancy Sharts-Hopko
  • Joan Wile
  • Catherine Kolongowski
  • CL Nash

Volume 19, Issue 2, 2010

  • Miller, Richard W.: Pro-life Moral Principles and Pro-life Strategies: Expanding the Catholic Imagination and Response to Abortion
  • Poe, Danielle: Mothers' Civil Disobedience
  • Fitz-Gibbon, Andrew: The Praxis of Nonviolence and the Care of Children Who Have Been Victims of Violence
  • Gilbert Jr., Daniel R.: Setting Our Sights On Sites: Putting Competition To Work For Liberal Education

Book Reviews:

  • Daniel Dombrowski
  • Virginia Held
  • Gregory S. Gordon
  • Ron Pagnucco
  • David M. Barnes
  • Joseph Betz
  • Valerie Lesniak

Volume 19, Issue 1, 2009

  • Johnson, Patricia Altenbernd: Building Coalitions Across Difference
  • Bailey, Alison: On Intersectionality, Empathy, And Feminist Solidarity: A Reply To Naomi Zack
  • Pohlhaus Jr., Gaile: Understanding Across Difference And Analogical Reasoning In Simpon's The Unfinished Project
  • Ingram, Penelope: Veiled Resistance: Algerian Women And the Resignification Of Patriarchal And Colonial Discourses of Embodiment
  • Russell, Camisha: Thin Skin, Thick Blood: Identity, Stability And The Project of Black Solidarity

Book Reviews:

  • Christian Diehm
  • Andrew Fitz-Gibbon
  • Mark W. Westmoreland
  • Sally J. Scholz

Volume 18, Issue 1-2, 2009

  • Zavarich, Joyce, Revisioning Justice: The Justice Context for Understanding and Operationalizing Restorative Justice
  • Zehr, Howard, The Intersection of Restorative Justice with Trauma Healing, Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding
  • Bazemore, Gordon, Getting and Keeping It Real: Less than Perfect Restorative Justice Intervention and the Value of Small Connections
  • Cavanagh, Tom, Creating a New Discourse of Peace in Schools: Restorative Justice in Education
    • O'Connell, Terry, The Origins of Restorative Conferencing
    • Mirsky, Laura, Restorative Justice Practices of Native American Practitioners of the Southwestern United States
    • Porter, Abby, Restorative Conferencing in Thailand: A Resounding Success with Juvenile Crime

Book Reviews:

  • Emily Barone
  • Gregory Hoskins
  • David C. Oughton

Volume 17, Issue 2, 2008

  • Gaudet, Matthew, From the Ashes: Jus Post Bellum and the Emergence of Kosovo
  • Hunsinger, George, Torture is the Ticking Time Bomb: Why the Necessity Defense Fails
  • Oughton, David, Religions and Peace: Globally and Locally
  • Thompson, J. Milburn, Catholic Social Teaching and the Ethics of Torture

Book Reviews:

  • John Berteaux
  • Carlo Filice
  • Lowell S. Gustafson

Volume 17, Issue 1, 2008

  • Gandolfo, David I., A Role for the Privileged? Solidarity and the University in the Work of Ignacio Ellacuria and Paulo Freire
  • Kithikii, Agnes; Pagnucco, Ron; Vos, William, A Case Study in Global Solidarity: The St. Cloud-Homa Bay Partnership
  • Nielsen, Kai, Solidarity Ideally Conceived and Really Existing Solidarities
  • Toton, Suzanne C., Solidarity Transforming a University, The UCA: A Case Study

Book Reviews:

  • Paul Sheldon
  • Imtiaz Hussain

Volume 16, Issue 2, 2007

  • Phan, Peter C., Peacemaking and Reconciliation: Roman Catholic Teachings in the Context of Interreligious Dialogue
  • Large, Ron, Righteous Resistance: The Religious Roots of Nonviolence in Mohandas Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Byrne, Sean; Cunningham, Christopher; Fissuh, Eyob; Matic, Mislav; Getting to Peace: The Role of the European Union Peace 1 Fund in Building the Peace Dividend in Northern Ireland
  • Tobias, Saul, Affliction, Post-Secularism, and the Plight of Refugees
  • Khatchadourian, Haig, Addressing Root-Causes of Global Terrorism

Book Reviews:

  • Geoffrey Karabin

Volume 16, Issue 1, 2007

  • Simmons, Mary Beth, Revisiting Family
  • Zavarich, Joyce, Transcending Barriers: An Engaging Encounter with Blood Done Sign My Name
  • Lucia, Joe, Music, Imagination, History: Some Lessons from
  • Tyson, Timothy B. Blood Done Sign My Name
  • Little, Lawrence, Confronting the Lies: Blood Done Sign My Name and American Racism
  • Titone, Connie, Trees of My Louisiana: Strong, Silent Branches of Memory
  • Keita, Maghan, Signing in Blood: White Supremacy, White Privilege, and
  • The Construction of Whiteness
  • Nance, Teresa A., Re-Collecting the Past: Reflections on Blood Done Sign My Name
  • Smith, Thomas W., Tyson’s Tragic Sensibility
  • Lucky, Crystal J., Parents and Parking Lots-Taking Care of Children and
  • Blood Done Sign My Name
  • Eckstein, Rick, The Surprising Face of Racist Attitudes
  • Tyson, Timothy B., Telling Stories Toward the Beloved Community

Volume 15, Issue 2, 2006

  • Berg, Michael S., On Earth As It Is In Heaven
  • Heyer, Kristin, Prophetic and Conscientious Leadership: Advising U.S. Catholics in Political Life
  • Windley-Daoust, Susan, "Putting Our Bodies on the Line": Comparing Embodied Active Nonviolence in Engaged Buddhism and Christian "Body Theology"
  • Chamberlain, Gary L., Water Wars: Privatization and Public Goods

Book Reviews:

  • Satya R. Pattnayak

Volume 15, Issue 1, 2005

  • Langan, S.J., Moral Goals: and Moral Dilemmas after an Unjust War
  • McCarraher,  A Response to John Langan
  • Ramanathapillai, Peace through War: The Contemporary Relevance of Hegel's Philosophy of War
  • Izuzquiza, S.J., Athens and Jerusalem, or Bethlehem and Rome? John H. Yoder and Nonviolent Transformation of Culture
  • Guyette, Anger and Christian Love: The Historical Search for Their Normative Relationship

Volume 14, Issue 2, 2004

  • Ballard, Just War In Afghanistan?
  • Steck, Citzenship, And Globalization: Developing A New Framework For Theological Reflections On U.S.-Mexico Immigration
  • Berkman, Eucharistic Reconciliation: Penitence, Punishment, And Worship
  • Chamberlain, By The Sweat Of Their Brow: Sweatshops And The University

Volume 14, Issue 1, 2004

  • Massaro, Introduction: The Challenge Of Globalization To Social Ethics
  • Rourke, Globalization: A Theological And Political Assessment
  • Heffernan, Catholic Social Thought And Environmental Ethics In A Global Context
  • Yuengert, The Right To Migrate And The Universal Common Good
  • Graham, Trends In American Agriculture

Volume 13, Issue 2, 2003

  • Wall, Barbara E., Introduction: Catholic Peacemakers And Policy In Latin America
  • Gorman, Rose, Latin American Liberationist Approaches To Nonviolence: Ellacuria, Sobrino, Boff
  • Burke, Kevin F., S.J., Archbishop Oscar Romero: Peacemaker In The Tradition Of Catholic Social Thought
  • Betz, Joseph, Ignacio Ellacuria, S.J. On The United States
  • Cardenal, Rodolfo S.J., Ignacio Ellacuria: Justice, Human Rights, And Salvation
  • Lacey, Hugh, Ellacuria On The Dialectic Of Truth And Justice
  • Defina, Robert H., Economic Policy And Peace

Volume 13, Issue 1, 2003

  • Wall, Barbara E., Introduction: Peacemakers Of The Catholic Tradition
  • Ellsberg, Robert, Dorothy Day: A New Kind Of Saint
  • Pfeil, Margaret R., Active Nonviolence In Times Of War: The Witness Of Dorothy Day
  • Cunnigham, Lawrence S., Thomas Merton: Monastic Peacemaker
  • Weaver, Darlene Fozard,Thomas Merton And The Moral Meaning Of Meekness
  • Thanawala, Kishor, Can Market Economy Promote The Common Good?

Volume 12, Issue 2, 2003

  • Santurri, Edmund N., Philosophical Ambiguities In Ostensibly Unambiguous Times: The Moral Evaluation Of Terrorism
  • Clark, Charles M. A., The Challenge Of Catholic Social Thought To Economic Theory
  • Nunez, Theodore W.,  The Sustainable Development Of Catholic Social Teaching In World Risk Society
  • Toton, Suzanne, Liberating Justice Education: From Service To Solidarity

Book Reviews:

  • Bill, James A. Bill And Williams, John A., Roman Catholics And Shi'i Muslims: Prayer, Passion, And Politics. Reviewed By Kail C. Elis
  • Science And Native American Communities:  Legacies Of Pain, Visions Of Promise, Edited By Keith James. Reviewed By Paul C. Rosier
  • Kennedy, Thomas C., British Quakerism, 1860-1920: The Transformation Of A Religious Community. Reviewed By Kenneth B. Taylor

Volume 12, Issue 1, 2002

  • Pope, Stephen J., Catholic Social Thought And Civic Responsibility: The Importance Of The Parish For The Public Square
  • White, Michael J., Religion And The Common Good
  • Davis, Scott, Humanitarian Intervention And Just War Criteria
  • Pfeil, Margaret R., Correlating Social Sin And Social Reconciliation: Racism As A Test Case
  • Fernandes, Ashley K., The Power Of Dissent: Pierce And Buck V. Bell

Volume 11, Issue 2, 2000

  • Whitmore, Todd David, Teaching And Living Practical Reasoning: The Role Of Catholic Social Thought In A Catholic University Curriculum
  • Langan, John, Catholic Social Thought And The Business School Curriculum
  • Wall, Barbara E.,  Mission And Ministry Of American Catholic Colleges And Universities For The Next Century
  • Bausch, Dr. Thomas A., The Role Of Catholic Social Thought In Catholic Education For Business: Making It Come Alive In Our Classrooms, Our Research, And Our Offices

Volume 11, Issue 1, 2000

Volume 11, Number 1, 2000

  • Capizzi, Joseph E., Can Postmodern War Be Moral?  Questioning Discrimination And Proportioning Kosovo
  • Pope, Stephen J., Faithful And Compassionate Intelligence: The Goal Of Service Learning  In Catholic Colleges And Universities
  • Chamberlain, Gary And Heffernan, Kathy, Service, Justice And Power At The University: A Model For Justice Education
  • Harner, John, God's Grace And Social Control In Appalachia

Volume 10, Issue 2, 1999

  • Thompson, J. Milburn, Progressive Christians Should Not Oppose The Expansion Of Nafta
  • Mohamad, Husam A.,  Assessing The Impact Of Pan-Arabism On The Politics Of The Plo In Historical Context
  • Epley, Steven, Mortifying Pride And Celebrating Community: Thoughts Toward Teaching British Literature In A Christian College Setting
  • Schlebach, Gerald W., In The Belly Of A Paradox: Reflections On The Dubious Service Of Reflecting On Service
  • Leaman, Mark C., Religious Conscientious Objection And World War One

Volume 10, Issue 1, 1999

  • Danove, Paul, Public Theology: Presuppositions, Publics, And A Tentative Proposal
  • Armorose, Thomas, A Christian Rhetoric For The Public Sphere
  • Hanstedt, Paul, Process Theology: Developing Student Spiritualities At Diversified Academic Institutions
  • Joldersma, Clarence W., Shared Praxis: A Pedagogy Of Hope For Public Theology
  • Groenhout, Ruth, Five Types Of Dissent
  • Hassel, Beth, Public Theology, The Eucharistm And Young Adults At Villanova
  • Nisly, L. Lamar, Driving Black Cars Or Transforming Society: Connecting Mennonite And Catholic Public Theology In The Classroom

Volume 9, Issue 2, 1999

  • Long, D. Stephen, Alasdir Macintyre And The Economy Of Ethics
  • Grcic, Joseph, Rawls And The Equal Worth Of Liberty: The Right To Political Leave
  • Chmiel, Mark, Public Intellectuals As Dissidents Or Commissars: A Study Of Chomsky's Social Criticism
  • Barrera, Albino, Mater Et Magistra And The Import Substitution Development Strategy

Volume 9, Issue 1, 1998

  • Long, D. Stephen, Alasdir Macintyre And The Economy Of Ethics
  • Grcic, Joseph, Rawls And The Equal Worth Of Liberty: The Right To Political Leave
  • Chmiel, Mark, Public Intellectuals As Dissidents Or Commissars: A Study Of Chomsky's Social Criticism
  • Barrera, Albino, Mater Et Magistra And The Import Substitution Development Strategy

Volume 8, Issue 2, 1998

  • Santurri, Edmund N., Rawlsian Liberalism, Moral Truth And Augustinian Politics
  • Dawson, David, Taking Metaphysical Compliments Seriously
  • Elshtain, Jean Bethke, An Unbridgeable Chasm
  • Jackson, Timothy P., Prima Caritas, Inde Jus: Why Augustinans Shouldn't Baptize John Rawls
  • Meilaender, Gilbert, "The Things Relevant To Mortal Life": Divorcing Augustine From Rawls
  • White, Michael J., Peace Or Justice?

Volume 8, Issue 1, 1997

  • Barrows, David C., The Horror! The Horror! Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome After Vietnam
  • Bell, Daniel M., Jr., The Violence Of Love: Latin American Liberationists In Defense Of The Tradition Of Revolutionary Violence
  • Jones, John D., How Basic Are Basic Needs?
  • Kultgen, John, William James'  "The Moral Equivalent Of War" At One Hundred

Book Reviews:

  • Paul Mojzes
  • Michael Sells

Volume 7, Issue 2, 1997

  • Baumohl, Jim, An Appraisal Of Revisionist Claims About Homelessness
  • Brady, Bernard V., "Hear This, You Who Trample On The Needy": An Inquiry Into The Prophetic Form Of Moral Discourse
  • Symposium On Thiemann, Ronald F.: Religion In Public Life: A Dilemma For Democracy
    • Kaveny, Cathleen M., Thiemann And Public Argument
    • Santurri, Edmund N., Religion And Liberal Democracy
    • Traina, Cristina L. H., Thiemann As Theologian
    • Long, D. Stephen, A Dilemma For Faith Communities?

Book Reviews:

  • Kevin Delaney
  • Sandra Hinson
  • Satya R. Pattnayak
  • Nancy C. Sharts-Hopko

Volume 7, Issue 1, 1996

  • Sanders, Theresa, The Sacred Heart And The Church Of The Poor
  • Viladesau, Richard, Pacifism And Just War Theory In Evolutionary Perspective
  • Whitmore, Todd David, Abortion, Homosexuality, And Vicarious Redemptive Suffering: Why Being Right Is Not Sufficient
  • McCartney, Rev. Dr. James J., The Social Implications Of Abortion

Book Reviews:

  • Joseph Betz
  • Thomas Devaney
  • Owen R. Jackson, O.S.A.
  • Danne W. Polk
  • Daniel T. Regan
  • Miron J. Wolnicki

Volume 6, Issue 2, 1995

  • Asher, Martin A. And Defina, Robert H., Dulling The Sword Of Justice: The Decline Of Unionism And The Rise Of Inequality
  • Wasson, Renya Reed, Race, Ethnicity And Homelessness
  • Carcello, Joseph, Eckstein, Rick, And Laz, Cheryl, Rhetoric And Reality: The Changing Glass Ceiling In Public Accounting
  • Ognlbene, Elaine R., A Language Of Peace:  Virginia Woolf's Words As Catalyst
  • Symposium Of The Bell Curve:
    • Knapp, Peter, The Assault On Equality: The Political Agenda Of The Bell Curve
    • Krauss, Steven, Journalistic Commentary On The Bell Curve
    • Marks, William, Genetics And The Bell Curve
    • Colwell, C., Typology, Racism, And The Bell Curve
  • Review Essay:
    • Lacey, Hugh, The Legacy Of El Salvador's Murdered Jesuits
    • Death Foretold: The Jesuit Murders In El Salvador, Doggort, Martha
    • Writings For A Liberation Psychology, Martin-Baro, Ignacio
    • The Jesuit Martyrs Of El Salvador: Celebrating The Anniversaries, Mulligan S.J., Joseph E.
    • Paying The Price: Ignacio Ellacurg'a And The Murdered Jesuits Of El Salvador, Whitfield, Teresa

Volume 6, Issue 1, 1995

  • Scholz, Sally J.,The Public/Private Dichotomy In Systemic Oppression
  • Kassiola, Joel J., Why "Need-Blind" Admissions I Inadequate: Justice Requires More Than Pretending To Be Blind To Inequality
  • Koven, Seth, Remembering And Dismemberment: Crippled Children, Wounded Soldiers, And The Great War In Great Britain
  • Goldblatt, Eli, Van Rides In The Dark: Literacy As Involvement In A College Literacy Practicum

Book Reviews:

  • Ronald Paul Hill
  • Ann M. Lesch
  • Mark Chmiel
  • Irene Langran
  • Barbara E. Wall

Volume 5, Issue 2, 1994

  • Bayer, Richard C., The Living Wage: A Reinterpretation And Constructive Proposal
  • Pagnucco, Ron, Teaching About Agency And Structure In Nonviolent Social Change
  • Menard, Janet C., Taming Aggressive Nationalism: Martin Buber's Idea Of Divine Mission
  • Bergman, Roger, Recent U.S. Perceptions Of Haiti And Haitians
  • Colwell, C., Signs Of War: Myth, Media And The Selling Of Desert Storm

Volume 5, Issue 1, 1993

  • Sturm, Douglas, A Prospective View Of The Bill Of Rights:  Toward A New Constitutionalism
  • Burke, John Francis, Cultivating Community Through Diversity: An Inductive, Hermeneutical Approach To Pluralism In Catholic Social Thought
  • Collins S.J., Denis E., Paulo Freire: His Continued Impact On Popular Education
  • Kultgen, John, Purging Our Nuclear Intentions
  • Large, Ron, Gandhian Swaraj: Moral Character And Social Vision

Volume 4, Issue 2, 1992

  • McCormick, Patrick T., The Changing Voice Of Catholic Social: Teachings: The Evolution Of A Conversation
  • Cassidy, Kevin J., Transforming The Military-Industrial Complex: Using The Social Thought Of Juergen Habermas To Understand And Respond To The Power Of The Pentagon In American Life
  • Russell, Ray C., Democracy’s Imbroglio
  • Terrar, Edward Terrar, Repenting The Quincentennial? A Study In Maryland Catholic History
  • Foley O.P., Nadine,The Prophetic Role Of Women In Evangelization
  • Moore, Rick Clifton, Pacifism As Narrative In The Mass Mediated Community

Volume 4, Issue 1, 1992

  • Kelley, Colleen E., Beyond Peace As Not War: The Search For A Transcendent Metaphor
  • Penta, Leo J., Organizing And Public Philosophy: The Industrial Areas Foundation
  • Howlett, Charles F., Workers Education And World Peace: The Case Of Brookwood Labor College
  • Vanderhaar, Gerard A., The International Catholic Peace Movement: A Brief Recent History

Book Reviews:

  • Paul J. Weithman
  • Robert Vanden Burgt
  • Fred Carrier
  • James Stormes, S.J.
  • Joseph Betz
  • Patricia O’donnell, S.S.J.
  • Patricia Benson, O.P

Volume 3, Issue 2, 1991

  • Sobrino S.J., Jon, The Cost Of Speaking The Truth: The Martyrs Of Central America, El Salvador
  • Shannon, Thomas A., Rerum Novarum: A Century Of Social Teaching
  • Regan, Daniel, The Genesis Of Rerum Novarum: A Reflection
  • Miller I.H.M., Amata, Catholic Social Teaching — What Might Have Been If Women Were Not Invisible In A Patriarchal Society
  • Dryer, Judith, The Evolving Teaching On Peace Within Roman Catholic Hierarchical Thought
  • Regan, Jane, Interpreting Social Justice Documents Rerum Novarum As Case Study
  • Most Reverend Sullivan, Walter F., Rerum Novarum: A U.S. Experience

Volume 3, Issue 1, 1991

  • Dion, Susan, "The FBI Surveillance Of The Women's International League For Peace And Freedom, 1945-1963"
  • Fowler, Corbin, National Security Based On Extremism
  • Cassidy, Kevin, Real Security: Ending The Arms Race Through Economic Conversion And Common Security
  • Muthuchidambaram, S., From Swords To Plowshares: Military Keynesianism And The Problem Of Economic Conversion In The U.S.A.
  • Warren, Karen J., Towards A Feminist Peace Politics
  • Mahowald, Mary Briody, What Are The Connections Between concern For The Environment, Feminism And Peace?
  • Post, Stephen G., The Interdependence Of Generations

Volume 2, Issue 2, 1990

  • Langer, Jens, "Get With It!" The Ability Of Systems And Their Components To Operate And Cooperate
  • Wolnicki, Miron, The Decolonization Of Poland
  • Swidler, Leonard, Christian-Marxist Dialogue: An Uneven Past-A Reviving Present-A Necessary Future
  • Lacey, Hugh, Understanding The Aspirations Of The Central American Liberation Movements
  • Lindsey, W M. D., The English Industrial Revolution And Third-World Development: Critical Reflections On The Paradigm
  • Grayzel, Susan R., Teaching Women S Peace Studies: Thinking About Motherhood, War And Peace

Book Reviews:

  • Roger S. Gottlieb
  • Elizabeth Bettenhausen
  • Stephen J. Casey
  • Robert H. Craig

Volume 2, Issue 1, 1990

  • Pearce, Diana, The Feminization Of Poverty
  • Wnesus, Brenda A., Feminist Theory And Economic Fact: Philosophical Reflections On Liberalism Feminism
  • Mcgovern, Arthur F., Women In Latin American Liberation Theology
  • Schneiders, Sandra M., The Risk Of Dialogue: The U.S. Bishops And Women In Conversation

Book Reviews:

  • Burns, Vincent M., Blessed Are The Peacemakers: Biblical Perspectives On Peace And Its Social Foundations
  • Adeney, Bernard T., Thomas Merton On Nuclear Weapons
  • Smith, Ruth L. Smith, Women And War
  • Lammars, Stephen E., A Peace Reader: Essential Readings On War, Justice, Non-Violence And World Order
  • Shannon, Thomas A., Justice, Peace And Human Rights
  • Zahn, Gordon C., Peace And Revolution: The Moral Crisis Of American Pacifism

Volume 1, Issue 2, 1989

  • Barrett, Nancy S., Social Justice For Poor Women
  • Spagnolo, John, New York S Housing Policy And "Homelessness"
  • Werpehowski, William, Justice And Sociality: A Study Of Three Debates In Christian Ethics
  • Duska, Ronald, The U.S. Bishops And Capitalism: An Unstable Alliance
  • Smith, Tony, Are Entrepreneurial Profits Prima Facie Deserved?

Volume 1, Issue 1, 1988

  • Immerwahr, John, The Future Of Us-Soviet Relations: A Public Perspective
  • Santoni, Ronald E., Just War, Pacifism, And The Myth Of Controllability
  • Anderson, Lyle V., "Unintended" Nuclear War: The American Cosmos And Global Chaos
  • Diener, Paul W., Nuclear Deterrence: Pro & Con
  • Richmond, Samuel A., A Cumulative Peace Action Strategy