Freedom School 2018

Enjoy refreshments outside the cinema after each session.

The Freedom School | Thursday, January 25, 2018
  Cinema Radnor Room St. David's Room Devon Room Bryn Mawr Room  
“Living Historiography - I Will Speak for Myself”
Valerie Joyce
“U.S. Universities and Sweatshops: How Students Are Combating Economic Injustice”
Yvonne Nguyen
“Prison Abolition: Reaching Past The Status Quo?”
Harry King and John Pace
“If We Don’t Name, It Doesn’t Exist! ”
Shalyssa Smith
“Dr. King’s Villanova Speech 1965”
Jessie Dern-Sisco
11:30 PM “Theater and the Politics of the Disappeared”
Barbora Prihodova, and Raul Diego Rivera Hernandez
“Performative Wokeness in an Age of Neoliberal Activism”
Gabriela Puche
“Deviant Individuals Versus Monstrous Cultures: Race, Nation, and Blame in Sexual Violence”
Miranda Pilipchuk
“Asian in the Media: Let's stay silent (Or should we?)”
Terence Yee

“The Role of Leadership in Ensuring Education Equity for Social Justice”
Tolulope Omodara
1PM “Speaking with, and Embodying, the Other: Conversations with Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me”
Heidi Rose
“The Importance of Comic Books in Growing a Culture of Diversity During the Early Days of the Civil Rights Movement”
Brian Sirak

“Can Women Trust Each Other?: Women in Dialogue with Other Women”
Ariella Bradley

“Racism in the US Catholic Church: An Augustinian Perspective”
Fr. Arthur Purcaro
“Disabled or Differently- Abled: Overlooked Minority in the US?”
Gay Strickler and Christa Bialka
2:30PM “Affirmative Action OR Black Privilege?”
DeVon Jackson
“Whitewashed Legacies: What We Don't Learn About Black Leaders”
Liam Hoover and Jubilee Marshall

"Jumping forward: What comes after Vanillanova?"
Krista Malott
“Unequal Access to Education: A Foundation of Inequality”
Oliver Roberts
“Social Justice is Global Justice”
Delia Popa