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Microsoft 365 Resources

Log into your Villanova Microsoft 365 account here:

Resources for Teaching and Learning Online:

Resources for Teaching and Learning:

Accessibility Resources:

Quick Videos:

Microsoft Forms

  • a web-based questionnaire or quiz
  • great for surveys, online quizzes
  • add questions, which can include photos or videos
  • share url
  • track answers with analytics page and export data as Excel file

Microsoft Sway

  • a web-based presentation tool with built-in designs
  • great for presentations, newsletters
  • add text, photos, audio, video, Microsoft Forms quiz, etc.
  • choose design features
  • share url

Microsoft OneNote

  • an online notebook with unlimited sections, unlimited pages, and unlimited space on each page
  • type, draw, add images, files, including files as a "printout"
  • like an online whiteboard where everything is saved automatically
  • OneNote Class Notebook is a tool built on this product and automatically creates spaces for content, collaboration, and individual student work.
  • great for class collaboration, flipped classes, project work, student advising, committee work

Microsoft Teams

  • online hub for communication and collaboration
  • great for classes, departments, committees, building community, video meetings
  • set up a team (four to choose from: class, PLC, staff, other) and add members
  • chat, collaborate on files, post assignments, view gradebook, use apps (including non-Microsoft apps), have video meetings
  • A "class" team automatically sets up a OneNote Class Notebook within the team
  • useful numbers for Teams video meetings capacity, etc.

Recorded Lecture Options:

  • Adding audio to content:
    • Sway: You can record audio within a Sway presentation.
    • PowerPoint: You can record audio to any slide of a PowerPoint.
    • OneNote: You can record audio to a OneNote page.
  • Creating video or screen capture:
    • Microsoft Stream (which you can find among your Microsoft 365 apps) offers screen capture.  You can record with or without your webcam on, choose the application you want to display, then edit and share the video in Stream.
    • PowerPoint has a screen capture option which allows you to capture what you're doing on your computer and then pops it onto a PowerPoint slide.
    • On a OneNote 2016 (one of the desktop apps of OneNote) page, you can record a video of yourself using your laptop camera.
    • In Microsoft Teams, you can start a video meeting, share your content (e.g.,  a OneNote page where you have class material and are typing/drawing) and record.  You can then share that video file (which shows up in the Teams chat and also in Microsoft Stream, which you can find on your Microsoft 365 homepage).

Digital inking:

  • On any OneNote page, you can draw using a stylus or mouse.  If you don't have a tablet with stylus, you can purchase a digital graphics tablet with stylus that you can plug into a USB port on your laptop.  OneNote has "ink to text" and "ink to math" capabilities.

Video conferencing:

  • Microsoft Teams has video conferencing.  Click on the calendar and schedule a video meeting or just click "meet now" to start a video conference immediately.  You can record a meeting and share the recording, which shows up in the chat and also in Microsoft Stream, which you can find on your Microsoft 365 homepage.  Here are useful numbers for capacity of Teams video meetings, etc.

Need Help?

Need help with a Microsoft tool?  Submit a ticket to Microsoft here:

Microsoft EDU Support

Anything blue on this page is a link to take you to a website or video!

Have any other questions?  Feel free to contact Dr. Valentina DeNardis, Director of Classical Studies and Certified Microsoft Innovative Educator.