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Statement on COVID-19

Villanova NROTC remains committed to the development of exceptional Naval Officers and to the health and safety of all of its Midshipmen, staff, and the Villanova community at large. As the world continues to grapple with issues of unprecedented scale and human impact, our organization embraces these challenges head on and adapts to overcome them.

Transition to Virtual Training

As we continue to execute the NROTC mission and commission future Naval and Marine Corps leaders, we must prioritize the safety and health of all NROTC personnel. To ensure the safety of all students and staff, the Villanova NROTC program will transition to a primarily virtual curriculum. A virtual alternative to training evolutions will be utilized to the maximum extent possible. Naval science classes, physical training evolutions, and other professional development opportunities will be conducted online whenever possible.  Midshipmen presence in John Barry Hall shall be limited to approved essential tasks only and should last only for the shortest duration that allows midshipmen to accoplish thoses tasks.  Facemasks will be required in all John Barry Hall spaces and the downstairs gym will remain closed for the duration of the Spring 2021 semester. See the Midshipmen FAQs section for more information.

Midshipmen FAQs

1) I am an incoming freshman on scholarship, do I have to worry about my scholarships and stipends still being paid?

No, you do not have to worry. We are committed to ensure that all Midshipmen scholarships and stipends will be paid in full.

2) Will we still be conducting the PRT/PFT and swim qualifications?

No, the PRT/PFT and swim qualification requirements will be waived for this semester for all Midshipmen. However, maintaining personal fitness is vital and we are committed to ensure that all Midshipmen are adequately supported in reaching their fitness related goals.

3) Will I be required to live on campus if all of my university classes are virtual?

No. Virtual training evolutions will be available to any student who wishes to remain at home for the Spring 2021 semester. 

4) I am an incoming freshman, and I do not know what to expect from India Company. Will India Company be completely virtual? How will India Company work now?

India Company, along with the rest of the Battalion, will be held in a virtual setting. However, we are committed to giving the incoming class the best training possible while maintaining a virtual learning environment. Expect mandatory zoom sessions, supplemental assignments, and check-ins on your PT.

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