Meet Our Staff


Commanding Officer: Colonel Matthew Culbertson

Executive Officer: Commander Christopher Glanzmann

Senior Advisor: Lieutenant Jocelyn Addeo

Junior Advisor: Lieutenant Keegan Merkert

Sophomore Advisor: Lieutenant Sean Buggy

Freshman Advisor: Lieutenant Christopher Miller

Marine Officer Instructor(MOI): Captain Matthew Bergman

Assistant Marine Officer Instructor(AMOI): Master Sergeant Michael Bonner


For admissions questions, contact the Freshman Advisor and please be sure to provide an email or contact number.


 For general inquiries, contact the Villanova NROTC Public Affairs Officer, and please be sure to provide an email or contact number


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For more information on the United States Navy and Marine Corps, please view the following websites:

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U.S. Navy Recruiting
U.S. Marine Corps
U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting

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