Whiskey Platoon

The Villanova University NROTC Drill Team

Whiskey Platoon consists of Navy and Marine Option midshipmen in the Villanova NROTC Unit. The Drill team is organized as a separate company within the Battalion of Midshipmen and is made up of volunteers who join during their freshman or sophomore years.

The Drill team competes in at least two intercollegiate drill competitions each year, and performs at various other functions. Some recent performances include:

  • St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York City
  • Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies
  • Villanova Parents Weekend Football Game Halftime Show
  • Villanova NROTC Fall and Spring Review
  • Veterans Day Celebration at Key West Naval Station, Florida
  • Alumni Weddings

The team deals with two separate disciplines of military drill: basic and trick. Basic drill consist of standardized marching and rifle movements as defined by Navy and Marine Corps Regulations. These are emphasized heavily during drill competitions.

Trick, or exhibition drill, is a less strict interpretation of basic drill, is completed without the use of verbal commands, and usually includes rifle spins, throws, and other "crowd pleasers."

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