Military Excellence Competition (MEC)

The Villanova Naval ROTC battalion will be hosting another great year of its Annual Military Excellence Competition (MEC). For over Fifty years ROTC programs and Academies from around the country have attended, making for a competitive and exciting weekend.


The MEC is comprised of three different categories of competition; drill, athletics, and combat skills event

The 2018 MEC will be held on 14 April 2018.


2018 MEC Schedule: click here


- Please remember to bring your waviers. Thank you.

- UPDATE 4/3/18: The only pool event at this year's 2018 MEC is the Buddy-run/Buddy Swim. We had to cancel all other pool events due to conflicts with a Varsity Water Polo Tournament happening the same day as the MEC. If you signed up for a pool event that was cancelled you should have been refunded. If you were not refunded please let us know. Thank you. 


Registering for the MEC:

Register for events by clicking on the link:

*Failure to include school name when registering will result in registration becoming void.

For Step by Step Directions on how to use Villanova Tix see below:


Instructions for Arriving the Day of the MEC on the 14th


Instructions for Arriving the Night before the MEC for the Schools that are sleeping over


Please find attached below the SOPs for the Drill, Athletics, and Combat Skills events as well as the Drill Card.


Each MIDN is required to fill out Appendix B of the 2018 Wavier pdf displayed below if participating. Each MIDN must bring Appendix B of the 2018 Wavier pdf on the day of the competition. Failure to do so will void participation in the 2018 Villanova MEC.


More Information:

For any additional information or questions please contact:

Drill Meet Officer MIDN 2/C Michelle Mathews by email at

Assistant Drill Meet Officer MIDN 3/C Dalton Smart by email at             

Additional details and updates can be found at the MEC Facebook page: MEC Facebook Page               

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