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The program could be entered through two separate methods; the Regular program and the Contract program.  The Regular program involved an eligibility test that had to be taken in high-school and an eventual four-year scholarship to Villanova, as well as a stipend pay of fifty dollars a month.  This method was mainly for technical majors and potential engineers, and entailed taking all of the required courses from the NROTC program, as well as a summer cruise after every year that would last from six to eight weeks.  Through the Regular program they would also receive regular commissions into the warfare communities of the Navy or the Marine Corps, and would have to serve at least two years as active duty and then six years as inactive reserve. 

The Contract program was the program for students already attending the College, or for those who did not achieve the Regular program.  Often these students were non-technical majors, such as history or business, and the Navy had no urgent need for their talents. Nevertheless, Contract students were still obligated to complete all of the course requirements, but they were given no financial aid; only a twenty-five dollar stipend for their last two years. There was only one summer cruise for them as well, between their junior and senior years.  Their commissioning was also different, as they would enter the military as Naval or Marine Corps Reserves, and would have only a two year obligation to serve active duty.  They were also given an opportunity to enter several of the restricted-line communities in the Navy, such as Supply Corps or Medical, but these were first reserved for men who were not physically qualified for the other positions.  The courses were not part of the Villanovan course curriculum, so taking these classes put a strain on even the few Arts majors in the Battalion. 

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