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Catch the Waves of WXVU, 89.1 FM, Villanova Radio

Catch the Waves of WXVU, 89.1 FM, Villanova Radio

By Katherine Boyarsky

Although many students on Villanova’s campus are unaware, there is a radio studio above their heads while they enjoy a meal at the Pit, that is to say, in Dougherty Hall.

WXVU-FM, Villanova’s own radio station, has been on the air since 1991 and boasts a number of genres ranging from talk shows to hip hop. This is a student-run organization that broadcasts mostly on the Internet and on the air Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays until 12 pm.

At WXVU, the student DJs direct all of the technical equipment, song selection, promotions, and events. The station is a microcosm of local radio stations and has a wide variety of programming.

This semester, WXVU boasts over 30 programs that air seven days a week. WXVU DJ of the “Hip Hop Hour and a Half,” Anthony DePadua says, “I promise the hour and a half you spend listening to my show is one you won’t regret.” He also said that there is a lot more responsibility and hard work required to run and promote each DJ’s individual show than it may appear.      

Former General Manager Joe Orkwiszewski wants it to be known “how unique we are.” He elaborated that “our station is completely run by students, where most college radio stations have connections to academic departments and are advised by professional. All of the training, technical, and programming aspects are controlled by the students, which is a monumental task that we carry out well.” 

Orkwiszewski has seen firsthand as a part of the Media Student Council how prepared Villanova students will be if they choose a career in any of the media fields offered as clubs here on campus. The radio station features the genres of sports, talk, radio 200 (indie), hip hop, loud rock, top 40, and RPM. 

WXVU is not only a chance for students to experience running a radio show, but it is an opportunity for students to work with other students over a shared love for music and radio. 

Orkwiszewski, a senior, also said that “[WXVU] has taught me that a group of like minded people who are willing to work together can achieve anything. Most of the projects we take on have no precedents and take a lot of not just creative thinking, but action by members as well.” 

WXVU has put on concerts like last year’s Free Energy concert in the Belle Air Terrace, hosted its first annual karaoke competition with Greek Life, and held a 24-hour broadcast to support prostate cancer research – all created and executed by student members.

For more information on the station, or to tune in to the shows, visit

Katherine Boyarsky, '14, is a sophomore from East Greenwich, Rhode Island. She is a communication major with minors in sociology and Spanish. She has worked as in intern at WPRO, a news station in Providence, and has written articles for the station's Web site. She is involved on campus with the radio station, WXVU, as both the Underwriting Director for the Executive Board and a DJ on her own show. She also is an anchor on Villanova Television’s sports show, Wildcat Watch Live. Katherine hopes to pursue a career in broadcast journalism, journalism, or radio. She is often found spreading herself thin between jobs, but she needs to stay busy to stay sane! Katherine has done intramurals on campus and hopes to do a service break trip in the future. She is very proud to be from the smallest state in the Union, but finds herself explaining to many people that, no, it is not part of New York. She loves to read and go to the beach, and at Villanova can be seen exploring the restaurants of the Main Line.