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The College IT Office: Supporting the Technological Needs of the College’s Faculty and Staff

Villanova University has a strong tradition of promoting and using today’s most advanced and appropriate technological resources, and while the technological infrastructure at Villanova is managed by the University Information Technology Department (UNIT), the College itself provides a vast array of supplemental and vital IT support to its faculty and staff.

The College IT Office employs a staff of talented and dedicated IT professionals who work to meet specific needs within all of the College’s unique departments and programs. The College IT Office reports to the Office of the Dean in the College.

Chris Driscoll ’05 G.S.
Chris received a bachelor's degree from Millersville University of Pennsylvania and a master's degree from Villanova University. Joining Villanova in 2001, he leads the College IT team, assists with all aspects of IT in the College, and is the main contact for the SharePoint server. He serves as the co-chair of the College IT Committee and on the Academic Council Information Technology (ACIT).

Jon Graziola
Jon received his bachelor’s degree from Immaculata University and is the newest member to join the College IT team. Jon is primarily responsible for supporting the sciences departments as well as all the College labs located throughout the campus.

David Trapp
David received his bachelor's degree from Montana State University and a master's degree from Bowling Green (Ohio). Joining Villanova in 1998, he serves as the Senior IT Coordinator. In conjunction with the IT team, he provides support services for the College. He also is the main contact for servers based in the College such as PAR Test; Network Print services, including Canon Copiers; File Services; and Server Management.

Elisa Wiley
Elisa received both her bachelor's and master's degrees from Lehigh University. She joined the Villanova community in 2001 through the Sociology department. In 2003, Elisa moved to a position in the College's IT staff as an Academic Support Technician. Her responsibilities have changed a little over the years, and she now provides on-site support to all liberal arts and sciences faculty and staff, operating as the point person for the College's Web sites and serving as the Language Lab Coordinator.

Specialty Computing Labs
In addition to UNIT public computing labs, the College supports a number of specialized computing labs to meet the needs of its departments and programs.

SharePoint is an online collaboration tool for departments, offices, programs, and research labs within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Users can easily share documents, files, calendars, and create databases of information through SharePoint. SharePoint also is available off-campus without having to connect to the Gateway VPN.

Web Site Support
UNIT creates and distributes the look and feel for all of the University's Web sites according to the University's Web standards. Elisa Wiley works in conjunction with UNIT and the liberal arts and sciences faculty and staff to maintain and edit their individual departmental Web sites.

Support and FAQs for Faculty and Staff
Liberal arts and sciences faculty and staff have several support options to assist them with their everyday computing and networking needs. Starting with this online site, faculty and staff can find explanations of the technical services and facilities provided to them as a member of the College, instructions on the operation and maintenance of their equipment through the Technology Manual, and contact information for the IT staff who can offer on-site support, trouble-shooting solutions, and technical advice during normal business hours.

Working With UNIT
UNIT remains responsible for managing the data/phone network, e-mail accounts, Web site hosting, the Banner management system, the Student Laptop Program, and computer hardware maintenance.

Media Contact

Jennifer Schu

Director of Communications, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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