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Astronomy Faculty and Students Present Research at the 211th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society

Villanova faculty and students presented eight poster papers at the 211th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) held in Austin Texas in early January 2008.

Senior Jason Merritt’s paper (Living with a Red Dwarf: Rotation, Starspots, Activity Cycles, Coronal X-ray Activity and X-uv Irradiances of Proxima Centauri by Jason Merritt, E. Guinan, S. Engle and G Pojmanski of the University of Warsaw) was selected for an AAS press conference and release.

Visiting pre-doctoral student Yilen Gomez Maqueo Chew, who is working with Drs. Prsa and Guinan at Villanova, won Honorable Mention in the Chambliss Award competition for graduate student presentations. Her paper is titled: Light Curves of Parenago 1802: A Low Mass, Pre-Main Sequence Eclipsing Binary.

Senior Jennifer Carton, one of the first recipients of Villanova’s Research Grants for Undergraduates, won Honorable Mention in the Chambliss Award competition for undergraduate student presentations with a paper titled: Continued Investigations into the Magnetic Activity of alpha Centauri. This is the second poster paper resulting from her work.

Senior Robert Zellem won the Chambliss Award for Undergraduate Presentations with his paper on: The Guiding Light: Vri/uvby & TiO Photometry of the Chromospherically Active & Spotted Binary System IM Peg – The guide-star for the Gravity Probe-b Mission. Edward Guinan and Scott Engle were co-authors.

This is the third meeting where the Chambliss Awards have been awarded and the competition has grown stiffer with each meeting. More than 100 poster papers were nominated for the Chambliss award in each category, many from schools such as Caltech, MIT, Harvard, and Colorado. For Villanova to be associated with three of the winners at a single meeting is testimony to the strength of the department and the quality of our students.

Other papers presented at the meeting are:

Edward Guinan, Nicholas Hollon, Andrej Prsa, Edward Devinney, The EBAI Project: Testing Artificial Intelligence/Neural Network Approaches to Automatically Solve Light Curves of Eclipsing Binary Systems.

Amanda Hernandez, Jennifer Carton, Edward Guinan, Scott Engle, Investigating the Photometric and Pulsation Properties of the NGC 7790 Classical Cepheid CF Cas.

Scott Engle, E. Guinan, Trisha Mizusawa, G. Pojmanski. Living with a Red Dwarf: Constraining the Ages of dM Stars from Rotation-Activity-Age Relations.

Nicholas Hollon, R. Bean. Cosmological Constraints from Tully Fisher Measurements in the Local Universe.

All the student posters are currently displayed on the fourth floor of the Mendel Science Center. Each of the participating students also will present their work at the Philadelphia Area Astronomers’ Meeting to be held in early April 2008.

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Jennifer Schu

Director of Communications, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

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