Velc Calc

The VecCalc MAPLE package at VU

The multivariable MAPLE package VecCalc can be obtained (free) from its authors at the University of Texas.

It consists of 3 files:
which should be located in a folder vec_calc whose address either on yout own computer or on the citrix network is needed for loading in the Maple worksheet:

citrix: "Q:/progs/maple11/local/VecCalc/"
suggested hard drive location: "C:/local/maple/VecCalc"

can be loaded into maple by the commands:
> libname := libname, <above path string in double quotes>;
> with(VecCalc); VCalias;
> ?VecCalc

for example putting a comment character # at the beginning of the line to be ignored:

> libname := libname,
> #"Q:/progs/maple11/local/VecCalc": # citrixweb
> "C:/local/maple/VecCalc": # on my zip drive or hard drive
> with(VecCalc): VCalias:

as in the maple worksheet vu_vec_calc.mws (below), which also contains instructions for installing the package locally on your own hard drive [with just the library files below].

Library Files

Contact Information

Department of Mathematics & Statistics
SAC Room 305
Villanova University
800 Lancaster Avenue
Villanova, PA 19085 
Tel: 610.519.4850
Fax: 610.519.6928

Dr. Douglas Norton

Marie O'Brien, 610.519.4809

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