VU Math Software

The Mathematical Sciences Department uses a number of different software packages in its various course offerings:

Computer Algebra System from Maplesoft for symbolic, numeric, and graphical computation. It is available via a network version on the various UNIT public sites, or on the citrix server via the web, and locally in some of the Mendel G computer classrooms in the Start menu program list.  This is a required tool in the science / engineering calculus sequence Mat1500, 1505, 2500, and in differential equations with linear algebra Mat 2705.

Computer Algebra Systems and Number Crunching Based Software
The two leading computer algebra systems are Maple and Mathematica (from Wolfram Research Institute). We  have an unlimited university site license for Maple and a limited site license for Mathematica. Engineering uses two numerical mathematics packages with limited symbolic tools: MATLAB (MATrix LABoratory) from MATH WORKS used primarily by Electrical and Computer Engineering, and MathCad (from MATH SOFT) used more by the remaining engineering departments.

Maple has worksheet files (.ms before Release 4, .mws after, also .mw files beginning with Release 8) which include text regions, input command regions, and output graphics, numerics and symbolic results acts as a wordprocessor for the text regions since release 4. Mathematica has notebook files (.m). MATLAB has command and text filled script files (.mat) but require execution to see the popup graphics (their notebook files which combine output with the commands use MS-Word as a viewer). MathCad is a combination wordprocessor/grapher/super calculator with reportlike files that don't seem to have a name (.mcd). MathCad has access to some symbolic calculations using a Maple engine.

MiniTab is user friendly statistical software available on the PC Networks.  Math 1230/1235 use miniTab.

Windows spreadsheets available on all the local area networks. The Business Calculus sequence MAT1330-1335 use Excel. Some current assignments and examples or data files may be found here.