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Also, the AMS publishes its journal, Notices, 11 times per year in print and online. Some of the articles and book reviews of interest include: "Life After Academia: How a Mathematicial Found a New Caree," by Dana Mackenzie (3/98); "Experiences of AMS-AAAS Media Fellows," by Liz Veomett and Ben Stein (1/98); "Women in Mathematics: The Addition of Difference," by Claudia Henrion (book review, 5/98); "Good Will Hunting" (movie review, 4/98).

Lillian Lieber (1886-1986), American mathematician (Russian immigrant from Ukraine as a child) and popular mathematics writer who used mathematics in defense of positive human values (see the essays 2018 and 2017 by woman science writer Maria Popova), with whimsical drawings by her husband Hugh to illustrate her points.

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