Student and Faculty Testimonials

Student Comments

"This is the first math class in my entire school history that was actually useful in real-life situations."

"I was taught not only the process of calculus, but the conceptual matter behind it, and how to apply it to life."

"I’ve never found calculus interesting until this year."

Faculty Comments

"I’ve never seen student so motivated, involved and excited about mathematics. They finally see how mathematics applies to their own lives."
John Santomas, Villanova University

"Our switch to the Borchardt-Pollack-Johnson text has cut our failure rate, absenteeism and drop rate by significant numbers because the students are really involved in the course."
Jim Washenberger, Virginia Tech

"There is a total change in the attitude of the students. This is an integrated course. They see the relevance of the mathematics to everyday life and learn to express their ideas in a careful and intelligible manner."
Andrew Woldar, Villanova University

"The most interesting result I have found is the spontaneous teamwork that developed in this group – LOTS of study groups and extra sessions – this is most unusual on a commuting community college campus. …they were indeed learning to think about mathematics in a totally new way."
Anne Landry, Dutchess Community College (SUNY)

Lillian Lieber (1886-1986), American mathematician (Russian immigrant from Ukraine as a child) and popular mathematics writer who used mathematics in defense of positive human values (see the essays 2018 and 2017 by woman science writer Maria Popova), with whimsical drawings by her husband Hugh to illustrate her points.

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