Excel Files: Calculus Demos, Templates, and Samples

* V1Demos.xls
graphical demonstrations using one fixed curve of the concepts of the tangent being the limit of secants and of Right Rectangle and Trapezoid area approximation methods
* V1Tmp.xls
emplates for: (1) basic logistic regression, (2) numerical demonstration of the limit of secant slopes approaching the tangent slope, and (3) creation of slope (derivative) and concavity (second derivative) graphs for any function.
* IntgTmp.xls
templates for: (1) generic numerical integration, (2) improper integration, and (3) calculation of medians, as well as templates for integral approximations using: (4) Right Rectangles, (5) Trapezoids, (6) Simpson's Rule, (7) Left Rectangles, and (8) Midpoint Rectangles
* V2TmpSmp.xls
templates for: (1) drawing 3D graphs of any function of 2 variables, (2) a 3x3 test template to test critical points of functions of 2 variables to see if they are local optima or saddle points, (3) a randomized test template to test solutions of functions of any number of variables for local and global optimality (possibly with constraints), (4) calculating Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return for a cash flow, (5) calculating SSe, SSR, TSS, and R squared for regression models, (6) calculating the mean and variance of returns for an investment, (7) advanced logistic regression, and (8) samples of linear programming using Excel
* meg2002.xls
how these and other Excel tools can be used to solve real-world problems (a sample student project)
Lillian Lieber (1886-1986), American mathematician (Russian immigrant from Ukraine as a child) and popular mathematics writer who used mathematics in defense of positive human values (see the essays 2018 and 2017 by woman science writer Maria Popova), with whimsical drawings by her husband Hugh to illustrate her points.

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