Slides of all Talks


Rosemary A. Bailey: Using graphs and Laplacian eigenvalues to evaluate block designs

Peter Cameron: Two-graphs, primitivity and rigidity

Edwin van Dam: Spectral characterizations of distance-regularity of graphs

Jack H. Koolen: On graphs with three distinct eigenvalues

Aida Abiad: An interlacing approach for bounding the sum of Laplacian eigenvalues of graphs

Jason Vermette: Spectral properties of simplicial rook graphs

Allen Herman: A survey of cyclotomic eigenvalue problems in algebraic combinatorics

Aiping Deng: Spectra of graph transformations

Yun Fan: Polyadic constacyclic codes

Elena Konstantinova: Prefix-reversal Gray codes

Leif Jørgensen: Friendship Theorem for hypergraphs: a construction

Reinhard Laue: Large sets of q-analogs of designs

Shenglin Zhou: Flag-transitive symmetric designs

Akihide Hanaki: p-Ranks of quasi-symmetric designs and standard modules of coherent configurations


Alexander A. Ivanov: Weakly locally projective actions

Gareth A. Jones: Algebraic map theory

Paul-Herman Zieschang: Hypergroups, association schemes, buildings

Josef Lauri: Two-fold isomorphisms

Klavdija Kutnar: Half-arc transitive group actions with a small number of alternets

Dragan Marusic: Semiregular subgroups of transitive permutation groups

Sung-Yell Song: Cyclomatic association schemes and their fusion and fission schemes

Mitsugu Hirasaka: Automorphisms of association schemes whose relations are of valency one or three

Dmitrii V. Pasechnik: Sandpile groups of generalized de Brujin and Kautz graphs and circulant matrices over finite fields

Alexandr Makhnev: Distance-regular extensions of strongly regular graphs with eigenvalue 3

Nitin Saxena: Combinatorial schemes in algebraic algorithms

Sebastion Cioaba: On the connectedness of the complement of a ball in distance-regular graphs

Alexander Barg: Association schemes on general measure spaces and zero-dimensional Abelian groups

William J. Martin: Graph homotopy, ideals of finite varieties and a surprising duality

Gary Greaves: Equiangular lines in Euclidean spaces


Jason Williford: Q-polynomial association schemes

Laszlo Babai: Symmetry versus regularity

Andrey Vasil'ev: On non-abelian Schur groups

Alexander Gavrilyuk: On characterization of the Grassman graphs by their intersection arrays

Jonathan D. H. Smith: Circulant graphs, nonlinear loop transversal codes and nonassociative loops

Kenneth Johnson: Latin squares, determinants and permanents

Reinhard Poschel: Automorphism groups of Schur rings over cyclic groups of prime-power order

Ted Dobson: On circulant graphs that are isomorphic to Cayley graphs of more than one abelian group

Istvan Kovacs: On groups all of whose undirected Cayley graphs of bounded valency are integral

Valery Liskovets: Some recent advances in analytic enumeration of circulant graphs

Ilia Ponomarenko: Coset closure of a circulant S-ring and the schurity problem

John Wilmes: Geometric clique structures in association schemes

Karen Meagher: The Erdos-Ko-Rado Theorem: an algebraic perspective

Alexander Kelmans: Operations on graphs increasing some graph parameters

Vasya Ustimenko: On algebraic constructions of graphs without small cycles and commutative diagrams and their applications

Aleksandr Kodess: Properties of some algebraically defined digraphs

Ye Wang: On some cycles in Wenger graphs

Brian Kronenthal: Generalized quadrangles and algebraically defined graphs


Alexander Hulpke: Using computational group theory

Christian Pech: On highly regular strongly regular graphs

Kristina Kovacikova: Numbers of induced subgraphs in strongly regular graphs

Weiqiang Li: The extendability of matchings in strongly regular graphs


Katarina Turekova: Graphs similar to strongly regular graphs

Martin Macaj: On strongly regular graphs attaining the claw bound

Brian Curtin: Bidirected edge-maximality of power graphs of finite cyclic groups

Mike Newman: Embedding factorizations of hypergraphs

Douglas Klein: Intrinsic metrics and geometry on graphs

Matt Devos: Product sets and algebraic graph theory

Anton Betten: Group actions on posets and cartesian products

Leonard Soicher: On cliques in edge-regular graphs

Sven Reichard: Three-class association schemes related to a construction by Mathon

Stefan Gyurki: New rich infinite families of directed strongly regular graphs

Mikhail Klin: New families of non-Schurian association schemes related to Heisenberg groups and biaffline planes

Matan Ziv-Av: Constructive enumeration of coherent configurations of small order

Paul Terwilliger: Billiard Arrays and finite-dimensional irreducible Uq(sl2)-modules

Alison Gordon Lynch: Finite-dimensional irreducible modules for an even subalgebra of Uq(sl2)

Sarah Bockting Conrad: Tridiagonal pairs of q-Racah type and the quantum enveloping algebra Uq(sl2)

Andrew Wang: Coxeter table algebras

Michael Tait: Orthogonal polarity graphs and Sidon Sets

Bangteng Xu: Multiplicities of irreducible characters of table algebras and applications to association schemes