MAT 5600 Syllabus

MAT 5600 Differential Geometry

Elementary use of MAPLE is a required supporting tool for this course.
This course qualifies as a higher level analysis course for the mathematics major sequence.

Catalog Description:
Geometry of curves and surfaces, curvature, first and second fundamental forms, minimal surfaces, use of MAPLE
Prerequisites: MAT 2500 [MAT2705 too!]
Credit Hours: 3.0
Last Offered: Srping 2013, Spring 2008 by Robert Jantzen; Fall 2009, Spring 2001, Fall 1996 by Klaus Volpert

Versions of course:

  • Volpert (curves, surfaces in space),
  • Jantzen (that plus relativity/group/integration of differential forms stuff, no minimal surfaces)

This course is rarely offered but requests make it more likely that one of these two professors offer it.