MAT 1235 Syllabus

Math 1235 Introductory Statistics II

Text:   Stats: Data and Models, Third Edition
           By: DeVeaux, Velleman, and Bock

Course Coordinator:   Jesse Frey, SAC 375
                              Office Phone: (610) 519-7350

Here is a listing of chapters to cover and approximate times to spend on each chapter.  For more detailed suggestions or help with any aspect of the course, please contact the course coordinator.

Chapters 19 to 24 (2 weeks): Review of Statistical Inference for One Proportion, One Mean, Two Proportions, and Two Means.  Spend some time reviewing the key ideas from MAT 1230.

Chapter 25 (1 week): Paired Samples and Blocks.

Chapters 7 to 8 and 27 to 31 (5 weeks): Regression, Multiple Regression, and ANOVA.  Prior to discussing inference for regression, it may be helpful to review the introductory MAT 1230 material from Chapters 7 and 8.

Other Topics (3 weeks): Other Topics of the Instructor's Choice. These topics need not come from the textbook. Possibilities include probability, nonparametric statistics, and design of experiments.


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