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About Us

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The Department of Mathematics & Statistics is committed to exemplary teaching and learning, scholarship, and service. Our courses are designed to provide every student with the technical background they will need, and to inculcate a love for the "veritas"  of logical thought and elegant reasoning. The aim of our Undergraduate and Graduate programs is that our mathematics students can formalize, define, analyze, prove, and communicate mathematical results.

As an essential part of our educational mission, our department consists of scholarly and caring faculty members. We expect that each faculty member be aware of current developments in mathematics and mathematical pedagogy, with many faculty members contributing scholarly publications. The department assists the community, the profession and the University generously through committee and leadership roles and other forms of services.

To review our mission statement and our learning goals for undergraduate mathematics majors, please click here.

Lady Ada Lovelace (1815-1855)
The PBS Masterpiece Theater Victoria Season 2 reveals that the first "computer" was not one of the ladies who programmed the first calculating machines in the mid 20th century only to be forgotten until recently, but rather the English mathematician Lady Ada Lovelace, who programmed the Babbage "calculating machine" in the early 1800s.

Why a Career in Mathematics?

Leonhard Euler

College graduates with a bachelor's in mathematics qualify for a broad range of positions in business, industry, government and education.

Companies in the computer and communications industries employ many mathematicians, as do oil companies, banks, insurance companies, and consulting firms.

Almost every bureau and branch of the federal government employ mathematicians in various capacities.