Student Profiles

Furthering your master’s level education at Villanova University will help you build a strong academic foundation, create professional networks, gain research experience, and make lasting friendships. See the photos and profiles below for examples of what a degree or certificate from the Liberal Studies Program at Villanova can mean to you. Picture yourself at Villanova!



 Gregory Lawville – MA in Liberal Studies

I came to Villanova University’s Graduate Liberal Studies program with a background in Marketing and Advertising.  My goal was to find a program that would help me draw on my professional experience, complement my M.B.A. and challenge me to think more critically as my career grows and I move into a leadership position.  I chose Villanova because of their academic quality and ranking, superior faculty, challenging curriculum, dedicated students, and expansive alumni community. As the economic and business worlds change, the program has given me the skills to not only keep up, but to excel and be a leader by thinking and communicating effectively leading to sound decisions.  Villanova is the perfect place to grow professionally and personally.


Rochelle Davidson Mhonde – MA in Liberal Studies and Certificate in Peace and Justice

After living in South Africa for the last several years, I came back to Villanova, wanting to continue my graduate level education in the Liberal Studies program, pursuing both the MA and a Certificate in Peace and Justice. As an undergraduate at Villanova, 2000-2004, I studied abroad in South Africa, as a Connelly-Delouvrier Scholar. After graduating, I went to Johannesburg to study at the University of the Witwatersrand (WITS) and completed research on the impact of the media on HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns in South Africa. In 2006, I presented this work at a conference in Rome, sponsored by the World Bank. During my time in South Africa, I was exposed to pertinent social justice issues, such as the AIDS epidemic and gender-based violence and became involved in advocacy projects, including working with NGOs and research centers throughout the country. Coming back to my alma mater is affording me a wonderful opportunity, mixed with familiarity, to define my academic pursuits in a future PhD program and continued social change work.


Julia Lull –MA in Liberal Studies

I am a member of the 5-year Liberal Studies Graduate Program at Villanova, and will finish my undergraduate degrees in Communications and Spanish in May 2013.  I chose the 5-year program in Liberal Studies because my interests and passions span multiple disciplines, and I wanted the flexibility that the Liberal Studies program provides. The courses offered through the LST Program at Villanova have built upon my undergraduate education, and have pushed me and challenged me to see the world from different perspectives. The Graduate Certificate in Peace and Justice Education is molding my undergraduate and graduate degrees into a strong package that will help me to become an effective and responsible international journalist.


Brian Anthony - Certificate in Ancient Worlds

The Ancient Worlds certificate program at Villanova has allowed me to pursue topics I've been interested in for years. As an undergrad, I studied courses in Classics towards my degree in Comparative Literature, and have since taken an even greater interest in the ancient world. I also have a deep love for philosophy which I weave into many of my lessons as a high school English and Gifted teacher. The certificate program has provided me the flexibility to pursue my own specific interests in the thought of the ancient world through engaging courses taught by very capable and inspiring scholars. Villanova has been a better fit for my post-graduate study than any program I could have imagined.