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Post-M.A. Certificate

The Graduate Program in Liberal Studies (LST) invites those candidates who have already attained a graduate degree (either a MA or PhD in Liberal Studies, Education, the humanities or social sciences) and who wish to extend or advance their graduate study in an interdisciplinary program to apply for admission in the program leading to the Post-Master’s Certificate in Interdisciplinary Studies. It allows qualified individuals to take five courses (fifteen credit hours) in a curriculum that they design to meet their interests and needs.

Certificate recipients will have successfully completed a total of 15 graduate credits, with a) at least one inter-disciplinary LST course offered by Liberal Studies and b) any additional 12 graduate credits (normally four more courses) that are approved by the Director of Liberal Studies. These additional 12 credits may be in LST or in at least two disciplines.

Why would you pursue a post-master’s LST certificate?

  • Perhaps you have a Master’s degree in Education and are now interested in taking a series of courses in a certain content area.
  • Perhaps you have an MA or a PhD in a certain discipline, and now wish to pursue the many relationships between that field with others. To do this, you might be interested in taking a number of interdisciplinary, team taught LST courses.
  • Perhaps you have developed an interest in a certain topic and wish to explore it from the point of view of various disciplines. 
  • The post-graduate certificate gives you the freedom to outline a program that suits your interests.