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Graduate Liberal Studies Program

The University is a treasure house with many rooms to explore. . . and the key to them all is Liberal Studies.

In Liberal Studies, students are free to investigate what truly interests them by tracing their own path through the disciplines. Working with faculty mentors, they develop an individualized curriculum that combines foundational LST courses with other graduate courses in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. In the true liberal arts tradition, they engage in free, lively conversation with some of the best faculty in the college.

Within Liberal Studies, there are graduate certificates available, including American Studies, Ancient Worlds, Great Books and the newest certificate, Peace and Justice Studies. These certificates provide more structure for students who want to follow a more defined path through a particular interdisciplinary subject area.


The Enlightenment . . . The Renaissance. . . War and Peace. . . The Fall of the Roman Empire. . . The novels of Jane Austen. . . The American Founding. . . The plays of Shakespeare. . . The Civil Rights Movement. . . The Reformation... . .

These are examples of ideas, books, people, and events that have truly changed the world. What is the best way to study them? History, literature, philosophy, theology, political science, languages – all of these disciplines have something important to say. But how is it possible to combine such different courses into just one master’s degree? The answer is Liberal Studies.


Graduate Liberal Studies Student
Kenneth Mumma Earns National Recognition
in Interdisciplinary Writing

kenneth mumma

Kenneth Mumma, was awarded the 2013 Confluence Award for Excellence in Interdisciplinary Writing from Confluence: The Journal of Graduate Liberal Studies. Confluence is a national, interdisciplinary journal published by the Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs (AGLSP).