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Series credits

Hosts: Jason Steinhauer and Paul Steege
Research Assistants: Maggie Strolle and Claire Hoffman
Audio Engineer: Jason Egner
Artwork: Jubilee Marshall
Music: Lee Rosevere


Episode 1 - Income Inequality


Interview with Marisa Chappell, March 26, 2018
Interview with Victoria Wolcott, March 26, 2018


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Archival Sources

Lyndon Johnson speech, University of Michigan, May 22, 1964, courtesy LBJ Presidential Library, National Archives and Records Administration


Episode 2 - Endless War


Interview with Lien Hang Nguyen, March 13, 2018
Interview with Mark Bowden, March 15, 2018


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Episode 3 - Distrust in Government


Interview with Daniel C. Hallin, March 26, 2018
Interview with David Farber, March 29, 2018


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Episode 4 - Development


Interview with Ryan Irwin, March 29, 2018
Interview with Emma Hunter, March 29, 2018


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Archival sources

United Nations Opening Session 1960. AP Archive. Accessed via YouTube.


Episode 5 - Student Activism

Guest Host

Andrea Spencer, History Communuication Fellow, Lepage Center


Interview with Raul Diego Rivera Hernandez, July 10, 2018
Interview with Paul Steege, July 10, 2018


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Episode 6 - The Environment


Interview with Paul Rosier, April 30, 2018
Interview with Sibylle Machat, March 26, 2018

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Archival sources

Apollo 8 broadcast, December 24, 1968. Accessed via YouTube.

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