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Lepage Center Essay Competition


Our 2021-22 essay competition invites students to reflect upon the following question:

How can the study of history help us understand contemporary challenges we face in the world today, such as COVID-19, migration, and climate change?

What are the essay requirements?

  • The essay should be a maximum of 500 words.
  • The essay should be framed by an argument and supported by evidence.
  • All sources (including internet-based sources) must be cited appropriately

How to submit an essay?

Participating teachers will collect essays from their students and submit them to by May 1st, 2022. The best essays will receive an award.


leah boris

Leah Boris

School: Strath Haven High School

Teacher: Richard Foulk

Essay title: "We Need Rainbows in Textbooks"

The 2020 winner of the Lepage Center essay competition was Leah Boris of Strath Haven High School. Ms. Boris's winning essay, "We Need Rainbows in Textbooks," noted how many past LGBTQ+ leaders are not mentioned in contemporary history textbooks. Citing specific examples through the use of footnotes, Ms. Boris argued that inclusion of such figures within a broader historical narrative paints a more complete picture of the American story. 

brooklyn coulter

Honorable Mention:
Brooklyn Coulter

School: The Tatnall School

Teacher: Ian Sikdar

Essay title: "How the Study of History Impacts Society Today"

The 2020 honorable mention for the Lepage Center essay competition was Brooklyn Coulter of The Tatnall School. Ms. Coulter's essay, "How the Study of History Impacts Society Today," cited slavery in the U.S. and the Civil Rights era as important to understanding race relations today. Citing the 13th-15th amendments as well as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Stokely Carmichael, Ms. Coulter argued that the history of race in America affects our everyday lives. 

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