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The main goal of the Latin American Studies program is to provide Villanova students with an innovative interdisciplinary curriculum that will allow them to explore and study in depth Latin America. Offering a balanced and creative combination of language courses, comparative global courses, experiential learning, methodological and writing courses, and a great variety of electives offered through the programs of sociology, political sciences, history, geography, religion, philosophy, and languages, the major and minor in Latin American Studies are designed to teach students complementary disciplinary approaches to understand the diversity, uniqueness, and complexity of Latin America. 

The Latin American Studies program have been conceptualized to respond to national and international demands for global citizens who are aware of cultural differences, know how to respond to the challenges of more diverse populations, and who value, respect, and learn from diverse cultures, show competency in different languages and demonstrate openness, inclusiveness, cultural competence, and ability to interact with different groups of people. In this way, the Program is consistent with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences's mission. This program provide students with a unique and academically high-quality opportunity to develop and enhance critical-thinking skills and cultural competencies, preparing them for a successful transition into the workplace. 

LAS Minor Requirements:  

Six courses for a minimum of 18 credits,

a.  four courses with the LAS attribute (12 credits minimum)
b.  two Spanish courses above 1122 (6 credits)

GLAS Major requirements:  

twelve courses for a minimum of 34 credits,  

  •  GIS 2000: Introduction to Global Interdisciplinary Studies
  •  2 GIS team-taught 3-credit courses from GIS 4000 through GIS 6499 one of which counts   as the Junior Research Seminar for the major
  •  GIS 5000: Special Topics (1-credit)
  •  GIS 6500: Senior Capstone 1: Research
  •  GIS 6600: Senior Capstone 2: Thesis

Six courses for a minimum of 18 credits, of which the following must be included: 

a.  four courses with the LAS attribute (12 credits minimum)
b.  two Spanish courses above 1122 (6 credits)
c.  courses taken as part of a study abroad program may be counted
d.  one internship course may be counted.

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Contact Information

Program Director
Raúl Diego Rivera Hernández, Ph.D. Associate Professor,
Romance Languages & Literature