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About Us

The Latin American Studies program has been operational at Villanova since 1988. The Program offers students in all the University’s four colleges the opportunity to acquire broad inter-disciplinary understanding and appreciation of the entire region of Latin America and the Caribbean. To that end, the Program offers a Major within the Department of Global Interdisciplinary Studies (GLAS) and a Minor. A dynamic group of professors from different departments (including Sociology, History, Political Science, Public Administration, Romance Languages and Literature, and Global Interdisciplinary Studies) offer diverse and innovative courses that allow student to explore this vibrant region from an interdisciplinary perspective. Over the years, the Program has widened its curricular offerings and overseas academic presence in countries, such as Chile, where we offer a summer abroad experience, and Costa Rica, where we offer both summer and semester experiences. The program also offers our students great internship opportunities at local organizations in Philadelphia and Norristown where students will be able to get in contact with Latin American or Latino communities, promoting social, educational, linguistic, and cultural projects.