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The Latin American Studies program has been operational at Villanova since 1988. It promotes an inter-disciplinary understanding of the entire region of Latin America and the Caribbean. To that end, the Program offers a Major and a Minor. Over the years, the Program has widened its curricular offerings and overseas academic presence in countries, such as Chile and Costa Rica. The recipient of two Title VI grants since 2003 from the US Department of Education, the program is one of the more comprehensive area studies programs in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Latin America encompasses two continents, extending from the American Southwest and the tropical islands of the Caribbean to the southern tip of South America. Its rich and diverse cultures have their roots in Native American, European, and African civilizations. Latin America today reflects both the past, one that is often marked by political upheaval and economic dependency, and the future, one that is represented by its multicultural peoples and a search for relevant social, economic, and political models.


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Program Director
Cristina Soriano, PhD
Associate Professor, History

Administrative Assistant
Joyce Harden
Office: SAC 023