Latin American Studies Program

The Villanova Latin American Studies Program, established in 1988, offers students in all of the university's four undergraduate colleges the opportunity to acquire a broad multi-disciplinary understanding and appreciation of Latin America. Students may pursue either a minor or the more comprehensive major. Both are designed to complement a variety of majors; many concentration and minor courses can also be used to satisfy core curriculum requirements.

Since language is essential to understanding any culture, a degree of language proficiency is an integral part of both the major and the minor. And, since living in Latin America offers invaluable experience in language, culture, and contemporary life issues, students in the program are strongly encouraged to spend a summer or semester in the region.

In addition to its attractive course offerings, the Program sponsors overseas academic activities in Costa Rica and Chile, a variety of scholarly and cultural events for the Villanova community.

Learn what Latin American students and graduates are doing with their degrees and how it is helping them reach their goals.

We have many exciting and informative events throughout the year, please visit our events page for more information.


Upcoming Events

Contact Information

Program Director
Cristina Soriano, PhD
Associate Professor, History

Administrative Assistant
Joyce Harden
Office: SAC 023