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Application Process

Admission to this major requires you to file your proposal no later than the second semester of your sophomore year that:

  1. Provides a title for the major
  2. Lays out a comprehensive set of learning goals for the IDM, and compellingly argues that established majors and minors will not fulfill the stated goals
  3. Outlines a plan for completion and sequencing of courses
  4. Connects the courses included in the IDM to the stated learning goals
  5. Identifies at least two faculty members who agree to serve as mentors until completion of the major, and who will mentor a capstone thesis
  6. Explains if and how the IDM complements a primary major and other majors, minors or concentrations
  7. Suggests an assessment plan
  8. If necessary, integrates a study abroad or internship experience into the plan.

The major must have a minimum of 33 credits of coursework, up to 3 credits of which may be fulfilled through a relevant internship. A capstone research thesis will be required in the senior year. In most cases, that capstone may be done in conjunction with a capstone required by a primary major (if the IDM is your second major) if this is approved by the chair of the department hosting the other major and the IDM committee; and if the capstone research thesis requirements are carefully coordinated between the faculty members involved.

All proposals will be reviewed carefully and approved by the IDM committee. Specific deadlines will be established for review once a semester. You will be given specific suggestions and an opportunity to revise and resubmit your proposal if it is turned down the first time.

Of course, you must fulfill all other requirements in the degree program as described in the Enchiridion. The review committee will be highly alert to excessive ‘double dipping’. An appropriate research seminar must also be included.

Under no circumstances can you pursue the IDM on a post-hoc basis. The proposal process must be intentional and deliberative.

Once approved, the title you give your major will be listed on your CAPP as your major (or second major) and upon graduation, the name of the major will be recorded on the transcript.  You will receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree if this is your sole major

DEADLINE: The final application submission for the IDM is due by the last day of classes in the applicant's spring semester, sophomore year.  Note: the initial meeting with the Associate Dean for International and Interdisciplinary Initiatives should be held before or during the fall semester of the applicant's sophomore year.