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Is the IDM right for me?

Any highly motivated and independent scholar in the College is welcome to submit an application. That said, it is not an experience that is appropriate for everyone. The proposal process itself will be challenging and time consuming.  Through the proposal and approval process you will need to make a compelling case that an existing major cannot fulfill the specific learning goals and objectives that you articulate.  The process of approval and securing mentorship will be intensive, so you will need to begin early in your college career.

An IDM may be right for you if you possess the following qualities:

  • self-reliance;
  • excellent organizational skills;
  • a collaborative and proactive approach to working with faculty;
  • high tolerance for working independently and sometimes in isolation.

Start by reading the FAQ page and viewing the Application Process page. Investigate your options as soon as possible, as early as your freshman year, but certainly no later than during the second semester of your sophomore year.


Joseph Lennon, Ph.D.             Associate Dean for International and Interdisciplinary Initiatives