Individually Designed Major

An Individually Designed Major (IDM) is a unique mode of learning that is motivated by your own learning goals, and guided by a roadmap that you will develop in consultation with faculty mentors and the IDM committee.

Do not confuse it with Independent Study, wherein a faculty member takes the lead in developing a reading and writing program with less input from the student. Rather, you should view faculty members and the established programs and departments within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (henceforth, LAS), as collaborative resources for you to pursue a unique course of study, especially if the established majors are deemed not to provide a pathway for you to achieve your specific goals.

Another objective of IDM is to foster a more explicit pursuit of interdisciplinary study, providing a mechanism for you to design a major that will intentionally integrate different methodologies, topics, disciplinary cultures, and learning styles.


Joseph Lennon, Ph.D.             Associate Dean for International and Interdisciplinary Initiatives