We in the Department of Humanities see internships as an important bridge between what you study here at Villanova and the work you will do after graduation. Internships allow you to figure out what kinds of work interest you (and which don't), and they are a concrete way to make those connections that often lead to job offers. 

We support you undertaking an internship at any point in your studies here. Click below for how you can gain credit for internship experiences and for how you can find internship opportunities.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Internship Program provides students with opportunities to explore careers, acquire professional experience, and prepare for post-graduate employment. Through the program, students have the option of earning credit within their major, concentration, or minor for relevant work experience, or to earn elective credit for work experience unrelated to their primary coursework.     

Click here for the requirements for the CLAS Academic Internship Program, including how to apply for credit for your internship. You can also contact the chair of the Department of Humanities, who will assist you in meeting the academic requirements of the for-credit internship.


Villanova University has partnered with a platform called Handshake that can connect you with both internship and job listings. Through Handshake, you can apply for positions, explore companies and connections, and sign up for career fairs and workshops all in one place.

Click here to begin setting up your Handshake account.