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Ask the big questions

Do you ever find yourself wondering how the books and thinkers you study can help you to answer the real questions that you have about your life, about the world, and your place in it?  Every class that we offer in the Department of Humanities exists to give you the intellectual tools that will help you to answer these great questions about the meaning of life.  And we believe that what you study with us will stay with you, not just until you graduate, but for a lifetime.

The Department of Humanities is a community of students and faculty dedicated to a shared exploration of the human condition.  The Humanities Faculty will lead you, with the help of faith and reason, through deep inquiry in complementary disciplines.  In our vibrant seminar-style classes, we will get to know you and help you to advance in the skills of spoken argument, written analysis, and personal discernment.  We want to work with you toward greater knowledge and understanding of what it means to live a good life.

Our students often double major or minor, whether across colleges or within the College of Arts and Sciences.  And our Alumni have gone on to do great things with the help of their Humanities education, continuing their quest to live for the good in many places and in many ways.

Make sure you check out our Course of Study, which explains more about our famous Gateways, our Electives, and our integrating Senior Symposium.  Even if you don’t have room in your course of study for a Humanities Major or Minor, you can always become a friend of Humanities by taking one of our Current Courses.  Many of our classes fulfill Core requirements, making our curriculum a great way to walk through the Core.   

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ChairpersonDr. Michael Tomko