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In pursuit of the fullest life


After the lingering hesitation of youth, which is so often tormented and perplexed, we had to reach the discovery of ourself, the perception of that secret urge within us, which is directed towards some distant result which we are not yet clearly conscious.

A. G. Sertillanges, The Intellectual Life


Welcome back, Humanities graduates! So nice of you to come by for a (virtual) visit. We hope you are doing well and putting into good practice what you learned here at Villanova and in the Department of Humanities. Our continued thoughts are with you as you seek out the good life.

We'd love for you to keep in touch with us. Be sure to visit our Facebook page to see our upcoming events (please attend if you can!), and if you have any updates to share please don't hesitate to email us. While you're here, check out what some of your fellow Alumni are up to. And remember that your professors love to hear from you. We sincerely hope you are well!


Humanities for Good (H4G)

Humanities for Good is a way to continue your Humanities experience after you graduate from Villanova. Our Humanities for Good events gather together Humanities alumni for an evening of conviviality and discussion of a reading that will recall familiar themes from your Gateway courses. We have had successful H4G gatherings in Chicago, Boston, New York, and Philadelphia. Be sure to visit our Facebook page for updates on a H4G event near you! 

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