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About Us

While other majors channel knowledge toward specialization in specific areas, the Department of Humanities’ successful interdisciplinary curriculum seeks out ways to put this knowledge to work in the service of the good and the good life.

Our curriculum identifies four fundamental questions at the heart of all human inquiry. Humanities majors participate in four Gateway seminars that address each of these questions:

Human PersonWhat does it mean to be a human being?     

SocietyHow do I relate to my family, my friends, society, politics?  

GodIs there a God and what difference does it make if there is?  

World: What can I know about the world I inhabit and my place in it?

These Gateway seminars anchor the curriculum. Our Electives revisit the Gateway conversations, as faculty draw on the resources of their specific disciplines to deepen and extend the inquiry. Fiction, verse, art and architecture, philosophy, theology, politics, economics, and history provide worlds of wisdom for students and faculty to explore together.

Over the years, our seminar-style classes and a sincere commitment to community have made Humanities a department in which friendship and the intellectual life thrive together. Our Graduates are pursuing a diverse and exciting variety of careers and vocations, which range from law and medicine to scholarship and teaching, finance, farming, politics, and beyond.

To find out more about our curriculum, take a look at our founding Mission statement.

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Department of Humanities

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ChairpersonDr. Michael Tomko