VUHRD Program Curricula


Master of Science

The Master of Science in Human Resource Development degree is a generalist program that provides students with a comprehensive overview of the HR field. The courses provide a practical environment where students have the opportunity to perform many of the business activities that practitioners regularly encounter.


Pre- and Post-Master's Certificates

These certificates are no longer offered. The course listings below are for current students to view who were grandfathered into these programs. Click here if you are interested in our new certificate options!


Combined Programs: Bachelors/Masters

For current Villanova undergraduates, we offer two combined Bachelors/Masters program options:

  • BA in Psychology with an MS in HRD
  • BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (General Studies or Leadership Studies) with an MS in HRD

In both programs, students take both graduate and undergraduate courses during their senior year. Several graduate courses count for both graduate and undergraduate credit.

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