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Requirements for History Major: For students entering Villanova Fall 2013 and after

The History major is 33 credits and consists of 10 courses in history and one in art history. The courses required for the major must include:

  • One of the specially designated core history courses (between HIS 1060 through HIS 1250)
  • Either HIS 2000, Investigating US History I or HIS 2001, Investigating US History II
  • At least one junior research seminar (HIS 5001)
  • History 5501 (Seminar in Historical Methodology) or History 5515 (Independent Research)
  • At least six additional history courses of the student’s choice
  • One art history course in an area that complements one of the ten history courses. This course does not fulfill the core Fine Arts requirement.

History Majors must earn 27 credits in history and 3 credits in art history beyond the specially designated core course. Majors must complete at least 18 credits/6 courses at Villanova.

MINOR (18 credits)

For students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the 18 credit hours must include one specially designated core course.

One of the following courses may also be taken for credit toward the History minor:

  • AAH 1101 History of Art: Beginnings to Renaissance
  • AAH 1102 History of Art: Renaissance to Contemporary World

History Minors must earn at least half (9 credits/3 courses) at Villanova.

AP Credit Policy (The new policy will take effect in Fall 2013 for the incoming Class of 2017):

  • Students who receive AP credit must still take one of the specially designated core courses in History.
  • History credit will be given for scores of 4 or 5 on any exam – in U.S., European, or World History.
  • AP World History – with score of 4 or 5 on exam: 3 credits for History  1040 or 1050.
  • Students will receive a maximum of six (6) credits toward fulfillment of the major’s requirements; and a maximum of three (3) from elective credits.
  • AP US History – with score of 4 or 5 on exam, 3 credits for History 1002 or 1003. (Students who receive AP credit for U.S. History must still take either His 2000 or His 2001).
  • AP European History – with score of 4 or 5 on exam, 3 credits for History 1021.