Published By Our Graduates

Andrew Warne

Andrew Warne (VU MA '06), "Psychoanalyzing Iran: Kennedy's Iran Task Force and the Modernization of Orientalism, 1961-3," The International History Review, 35.2 (2013): 396-422.

Matthew Landis

Matthew Landis (VU MA '13), “Friend and Foe: The Agent Provocateur in Late Imperial Russia," Madison Historical Review,  9 (May 2012): 58-77. 

Brian Taylor

Brian Taylor (VU MA '10), "A Politics of Service: Black Northerners' Debates over Enlistment in the American Civil War," Civil War History 58.4 (2012): 451-480.

Sean Brennan

Sean Brennan (VU MA '03), The Politics of Religion in Soviet Occupied Germany:  The Case of Berlin-Brandenburg, 1945-1949, Lexington Books, 2011.

Dane DiFebo

Dane DiFebo (VU MA '11), "Old Baldy: A Horse's Tale," The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, 135.4 (2011): 549-552.

Siobhan Fitzpatrick

Siobhan Fitzpatrick (VU MA '11), "The Southern Famine Relief Commission: Feeding the South while Founding Reconciliation, Madison Historical Review,"  8 (May 2011): 1-23. 

Emily Hatcher

Emily Hatcher (VU MA '12), "The Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society and the Civil War," The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, 135.4 (2011): 528-530.

Beth Petitjean

Beth Petitjean (VU MA '12), "We Want Our Stuff Back:  A Look at Art Imperialism," Madison Historical Review, 8 (May 2011): 1-20.

Cathleen Rauterkus

Cathleen Nista Rauterkus (VU '01) Go Get Mother's Picket Sign: Crossing Spheres With the Material Culture of Suffrage, Lanham, MD:  University Press of America, 2010.

Angelo Repousis

Repousis, Angelo (VU '93), "The Cause of the Greeks: Philadelphia and the Greek War for Independence, 1821-1828," Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, vol. 123, number 4, October 1999.  

Michael Smith

Michael B. Smith, "The Value of a Tree: Public Debates of John Muir and Gifford Pinchot," The Historian 60 (Summer 1998): 757-59.

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