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United States Concentration

HIS 8002 Seminar in North American History

HIS 8011 American Society in the Colonial Era to 1750

HIS 8016 American Nation 1750-1800

HIS 8021 Early American Republic

HIS 8026 American Civil War Studies

HIS 8033 The Gilded Age, 1865-1900

HIS 8041 Roosevelt to Roosevelt

HIS 8042 U S since the New Deal

HIS 8061 American Foreign Relations to 1914

HIS 8062 American Foreign Relations since 1914

HIS 8003 American Women and Gender History

HIS 8066 Topics in Amer Intellectual and Cultural History

HIS 8071 Topics in Early American Social History

HIS 8072 Topics in Modern American Social History

HIS 8076 Topics in American Economic History

HIS 8077 Topics in African-American History During Slavery

HIS 8078 Topics in African-American History since 1865

HIS 8081 Reconstruction

HIS 8702 Intro to Public History

HIS 8704 Material Culture

HIS 8802 Seminar in American Historiography

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Lynne Hartnett, PhD

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