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Revolution Concentration

HIS 8016 American Nation 1750-1800

HIS 8231 French Revolution and Napoleonic Era

HIS 8241 European Nationalism 1815-1870

HIS 8248 Early Modern Ireland

HIS 8252 Modern France since 1815

HIS 8262 Imperial Russia to 1917

HIS 8274 20th Century Europe

HIS 8279 German since 1945

HIS 8281 Russia and the USSR in the 20th Century

HIS 8452 History of Modern South Asia

HIS 8454 Empire and Decolonization

HIS 8603 Topics in History of Revolution

These courses may apply. Please consult semester course listings

HIS 8002 Seminar Topics in North American History

HIS 8402 Seminar Topics in World History

HIS 8414 Topics in Latin America History

HIS 8602 Topics in Comparative History

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