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Race and Ethnicity Concentration

HIS 8011 American Society in the Colonial Era to 1750

HIS 8026 American Civil War Studies

HIS 8033 The Gilded Age, 1865-1900

HIS 8041 Roosevelt to Roosevelt

HIS 8077 Topics in African-American History During Slavery

HIS 8078 Topics in African-American History since 1865

HIS 8081 Reconstruction

HIS 8205 Ancient Mediterranean

HIS 8207 Women in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

HIS 8275 European Imperialism

HIS 8410 Atlantic World 1500-1800

HIS 8433 Imperialism and Nationalism in the Middle East

HIS 8436 Women and Gender in the Middle East

HIS 8441 Africa and Emergence from Colonialism

HIS 8452 History of Modern South Asia

HIS 8454 Empire & Decolonization

These courses may apply. Consult semester course listings:

HIS 8002 Seminar in North American History

HIS 8071 Topics in Early American Social History

HIS 8072 Topics in Modern American Social History

HIS 8402 Topics in World History

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