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Industrial Societies Concentration

HIS 8033 The Gilded Age

HIS 8041 Roosevelt to Roosevelt

HIS 8076 Topics in American Economic Hist

HIS 8252 Modern France since 1815

HIS 8262 Imperial Russia

HIS 8272 Europe on the Eve of WWI

HIS 8274 Twentieth Century Europe

HIS 8279 Germany since 1945

HIS 8281 Russia and the USSR in the 20th Century

HIS 8425 Modern Japan

HIS 8642  Topics in History of Science & Technology

HIS 8662 Impact of War on Society

These courses may apply. Check semester course listings:

HIS 8026 American Civil War Studies

HIS 8245 Great Britain since 1815

HIS 8642 Topics in the History of Science & Technology

HIS 8402 Topics in World History

HIS 8602 Topics in Comparative History

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